Helpful Tips to Help you During this Time

  • Breathe. Deeply. It will help calm your body which can help wellness.
  • Be informed from accredited sources, making mindful choices in awareness of everyone’s health.
  • If your race, adventure, course, wedding has been postponed let the negative emotions happen. Then pause, re-align your plan and ask for help if you need it.
  • However you feel is okay, people react differently. Talk to people or write down how you would like to feel, choosing a couple of words as a mantra.
  • All those things you never have time for, make a list – clearing clutter, sorting bills, doing an online course, read a book, sorting emails, plan big dreams, do it now, seize the opportunity.
  • Check in with people you love, not through fear, because it’s good too, make the time, especially for elderly and people alone.
  • Buy a few extra provisions but no need to go crazy – eat nourishing foods, simple supplements, hydrate well, sleep.
  • Walk, home workouts and find happiness daily.
  • Make a plan for if you or your family get ill, how to manage it best. If you take medication or supplements already you rely on, make sure you know how to access if needed.
  • Make sure your children and pets have good food and games so they are happy.
  • Support the medical teams doing incredible work.
  • Many papers suggest 10 weeks to peak phase, we have no idea but plan to this and it will help you flow.
  • Support little businesses, product and services online, it really will help keep us all going.
  • Cancel your bookings ahead of time so places can plan, especially restaurants with food.
  • Be kind to every person, it’s no ones fault. Hug yourself, hugs matter.
  • Give to charity, get involved with online challenges, make a positive difference.
  • Re-align your plan and timeline for this year so you feel more settled for the future & what ifs, adaptability is key.
  • Plan your big wish, adventure, love or dream – step by step , how to make it happen.
  • Be present, grateful, strong and brave.
  • Ask for help, it’s okay. Chaos and uncertainty is exactly this, yet it has opportunity, possibility and hope too in time, with patience.

Contact me if you would like an online session to help with anything, I would love to support you.

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