Supporting the Encepahlitis Society

I’m proud that I raised awareness and supported World Encephalitis Day on February 22 by wearing red and doing Ashton Court parkrun (thank you to Race Director George for his kindness and so lovely to see the inspiring founder of This Mum Runs Mel) , £5 for 5km.

I was really nervous about doing parkrun UK, no real reason, I just was. I thought I would share in case you felt nervous too and it made you hesitant. I’m sure you were brave and leapt in.

I had not run much really since December after getting a ninja flu with unknown pneumonia, then breaking my finger in 4 places, having breast scans, fortunately all benign, but took a bit of time up. Ashton Court parkrun UK is where Jenny (who took her life) and I ran too. So although it was ‘only 5km’, it definitely deserved £5 donation and commitment. You have to meet yourself where you are on the day, not beat yourself up where you were or want to be. By being consistent, committed yet flexible, little changes happen…

I will always remember hearing Aliki songs in Liverpool, she is incredibly talented and overcame great adversity to sing opera again, she is truly special, do listen – she inspired me and gave me hope, who inspires you?

Have a listen to my TEDxBristol 2015 talk for Brave Tips.

Remember you matter, big magic support. Look after your brain and body, they are pretty amazing even if you don’t feel it today, celebrate what you can do.

Anything may not be possible right now, but something always is. Choose something and be brave.

Let me know what you choose today….I’m here to support and help you, feel free to contact me here.

Visit the Encephalitis Society here.

For Mind Body Fit Coaching visit the Energised Performance site here.