12 Days of Festive Feel Good Tips

Below you will find 12 Days of Festive Feel Good Tips to help YOU feel good, supported and happy this Christmas time.  No overwhelm, just 12 simple tips to help you take action. 

1. HYDRATION (Non Alcoholic that is!) 

Check in with how much fluid you are drinking every day, try this quick calculation, bodyweight in kg x 0.033 = amount of water, warm water, herbal teas and green tea (before midday) which will help you feel good.  Try adding electroylte tablets to boost hydration if you are training hard, fatigued or have had a few alcoholic drinks;-)  Adding lemon, lime, ginger and manuka honey will give your immunity a boost too. 

2. How’s your Sleep? 

I’ve had lots of people recently for online coaching arriving feeling super tired and stressed by Christmas overwhelm, shopping, digital overwhelm and pressures with Covid restrictions. 

Find 10 minutes and look at your diary, blocking out a couple of evenings where you can give yourself some good self care, rest and sleep. I know busy family lives, work travel and people coming to stay changes our routine so this may not be possible. 

So make a real effort to switch your gadgets off 30 mins before bed, and don’t check them for the first 20 mins in the morning (you may need to buy an old school alarm clock). Remember, if you can’t sleep practise relaxation and breathing, and storing good rest over switching your phone on, as this will only wake you back up.  

3. Feel Good Thought? 

We often find people are busy rushing around, especially at Christmas time, never pausing to check in and see how they are feeling.  Choose a word which is your positive focus for the next 24 – 48hrs, you are going to breathe this word in for 6 breathes when you wake, lunchtime and before you go to sleep (more often if you wish), and breathe out what you don’t want to feel.  An example would be Confidence or Calm in, and worry or stress out.

4. Have some FUN in the moment! 

Everyone seems to be really busy and quite stressed, with the pressure of ‘getting things done’ before switching off….. so I thought the best thing to remind you to do was to have some FUN. Whatever makes you laugh, smile and feel good. It’s so important to just pause and enjoy a moment, however busy or stressed we may feel, I promise it will make a difference.

5. Switch Off – Digital Boundaries 

Switch off, so switch your social media, digital, TV or whatever you need to do to fully let yourself just have a moment to press pause and rest.  You could do some stretching, breathing an mindfulness if that works for you.  The key is to take time to pause without external stimulants to check in with where you are and how you are feeling. 

6. Eat lots of Green Veggie super powers… 

When it’s really busy we can often forget to eat our greens, especially the cruciferous family, which include kale, brocolli, sprouts and radish (I know, not green but still good!)!  Plan ahead for the week aiming to get a portion of these in your diet every day and it will 100% boost your immunity and wellness (and if you want to know if you have the deleted gene which means you need them even more, have a chat about the DNA Test with us)  

7. Postural, Movement & Breathing Awareness 

Lots of clients are working long hours, long zoom hours, online Christmas shopping and just close to burnout.  So do, pause and take a moment to stand tall, lengthen your spine, take a deep breath in and just stretch your whole body. It’s really important and will help re energise you, sharpen your mind and even improve your digestion.  Give it a go 3 – 6 times every day and see how you feel.  I feel it’s really important to still keep simple movement and workouts flowing, as they help give you head space and strength.

8. Invest in your wealth and self worth 

So maybe seems random, but watching your wealth flow during the festive time can really help to look after your well-being, health and choices in the New Year.  Often we get carried away with the joy of giving, feeling we should buy or spend a certain amount, or just lack of awareness. What’s one thing you would love to save for, take a risk and make happen (I do this every year with my coaching as it’s a scary, valuable investment), and where is one thing you could save perhaps? Wealth and Self Worth is in our Make 2021 VIP Mentoring Year always has the most insights, resistance and engagement! 

9. Random Act of Kindness 

I think everyone feels a bit overwhelmed at this time of the year, yet giving a little bit of random kindness to yourself and others can make a difference.  So today, reach out and give someone a hug or a virtual hug, and give yourself one too.  We have bought two places for Crisis at Christmas and will be adding to the Marmalade Trust donations…. and have been helping around 10 neighbours during lockdown. I love this site too. 


Contact me here and let me know what you are going to do to look after yourself over the festive time, and/or what you will do to feel strong in your body and mind.


Pause and think about your food choices this festive time.  All too often we make choices which maybe don’t work for our bodies, but want to keep others happy. Sometimes there are no options, yet often with a little awareness and planning, simple tweaks to our choices, portion sizes and thoughts can help us have a relaxed good time, and still feel really well . Have a think about what nutrition habits you want to change flowing through the festive time into the New Year.  If you have any questions please do ask me, as I’m here to support you feel good and well.

12. Celebrating Success & Happy Moments    

Now is all about celebrating your success and happy moments from the last 12 months. And it can be tiny moments or big events, just something that brings a spark in your heart and soul. 

I am running a Winter Wellness Yoga Nidra Session (which is like guided visualisation and very relaxing) on Sun 20th Dec, 6.30pm GMT with a donation from this to Crisis at Christmas from bookings. 

Into 2021  – how can I help you become your best? Have a think and let me know.

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