A Day if the Life of an ActivBod Ambassador….


Wow… so Activbod have asked me to write a mini summary of the day in the life of me!!

Well, I think the challenge in that is the mini bit…. as every day is different, and I work with such a wide variety of people that’s it difficult to write about a typical day….. so here’s a summary below:

6.23am Lumie Light wake up time 🙂 Love the mornings.

5 Tibetan Moves, every morning, between 3-12 of each depending on my time (yet to commit to doing 21 of each for 21 days which will make me look and feel younger….anyone done it?

Then currently, I’m watering the vegetables we are growing in our garden, and a 20min walk to focus my mind for the day ahead. Some mornings I will do a couple of exercises in my Brain recovery book, read articles on fitness, business or finance, doodle ideas and mind maps…

Breakfast around 7am, gluten free oats, Green Powder (Hion), Phil Richards Cognitive Care (for me encephalitis), Sun Warrier Protein or Eggs (after with spinach), almonds, Flaxseed, sunflower seeds, cinnamon, coconut milk, Organo Green tea… love my breakfast

So the day is either…. jumping on a train to London for work with Team GB Athletes, Business CEO’s & Team or Media Celebrities, or working in Bristol with my Team Energised Clients in person or Skype around the World, from GP Referral to Body Confidence, Fitness & Strength.  Some days I work from 7.30am until mid afternoon with clients, and other days I work mid afternoon until 8pm. LOVE working and coaching all my clients, truly lucked and inspired by every person I work with…

For the other half of the day I write features for magazines, develop course content (currently Mental Strength & Confidence and Happy Fit Bod) plan Energised events, Charity work and I plan a 1.5 – 3hr block to go for walk, training outside or at David Lloyd Westbury depending on my goal.

Training will vary of the goal from lifting weights, 5 times a week like I have been, focusing on Miss Galaxy Universe, to gentle running & cardio in line with my neurology, to adventure play sessions…. I like to practise ideas for the classes we run within Energised Performance on Functional Strength, Run & Tri Fitness, Lean and Strong Stage Fit, Adventure Charity Challenges…. it’s good to cycle your goals, training and plan key recovery periods to avoid injury and increase motivation….

My lunch is usually a big green salad of watercress, spinach, brocolli, with fish, turkey or chicken, avocado and walnuts, loads of water and sometimes sweet potato or wild rice depending on my training goals and energy, brain focus. Having done my DNA Fit Test (see previous blog) and due to my encephalitis I choose not to eat many sugars as it does affect my condition.  Snacks will be wholegrain rice cakes, cashew nut butter, cottage cheese, greens, puslin/bounce balls if travelling for examples 🙂

Every evening I do some writing / reflection on the day, log my brain, energy, mood etc for my records of my condition and to manage it as well as I can.  I like to read, all sorts of books (and watch some TV, from Drama to Masterchef,  but too much kicks the neurology off), catch up with friends and family, write cards/letters to friends/clients for birthdays/races etc… and I love Comedy, Music, Travel, Adventures… so you will often find me plotting ideas and plans for time off to rebalance, explore and challenge myself.

Food in the evening is a creation from Kim’s Kitchen, #feelgood food (check #FoodRev Blog a couple back for more ideas)!  Something I love to cook is a big healthy, yummy roast dinner, or fish wrapped in parma ham with watercress  ( a recipe I developed for Watercress) and my brocolli brownies are becoming renowned and do taste good… honest!

Bed is around 10.30pm…. good sleep is key.  No phones or digital in the bedroom.

So that’s a quick summary of my ‘working’ day….. do tweet me what you think @kimingleby

I’m going to blog my training from Miss Galaxy Universe, and write more about what I get up to next week.

For a previous blog on a Day in the Life of a Team GB Sports Therapist for Sports Sister , click here: Looking forward to working in Chicago this September for the Team at the World Champs too!

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