Autumn Run Tips

Who’s training for an Autumn half or full marathon then? Here are a few tips to help get you ready.

  • Plan your key longer runs in the diary and tell your family so they know in advance .
  • Plan good core and functional strength sessions, often people skip these but they make the difference.
  • Train some sessions on the surface the race is on – sounds obvious but many people train for trail races on the roads increasing the risk of injury.
  • Get your kit sorted for the darker morning and evening sessions, layers, high vis, contact info, update your trainers and sports bra (my favourites are Mizuno Europe, Shock Absorber UK and Sweaty Betty.
  • Plan good food and hydration, often people forget this but it really is one of the golden keys to optimal recovery (and good training sessions) – my favourites are Optimum Nutrition UK, Train & Sustain, Protein & ZMA, plus Lean Greens for a super boost (Code KIM10 saves 10%).
  • Boost up your vitamins if you’re prone to autumn colds, children back to school, commuting, and wash your hands.
  • Make sure you get plenty of good sleep, switch off digital and don’t be afraid to drop the odd session if you don’t feel 100%, rest up and you will be zooming along again soon.
  • Some sessions will always be tough mentally or slower than you want – and this is normal – think about your why, plan podcasts or good music, talk with friends, remember the joy of running and be proud of yourself, you are doing the best you can.
  • Don’t skip stretching, rolling, sports massage – whatever works for you, do it – looking after your body is so important.
  • Choose a tip, tag a run buddy or race and share your favourite autumn tip… let’s get the team support growing.

I’m coaching people for @mcrhalf @chimarathon @lochnessmarathon @great_run bristol @royalparkshalf and many about you?

Happy autumn running and training, do what you love, enjoy what you can do and if you have any niggles, questions or fears please do get in touch, here to help you run happy and feel good.

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