Do You Sleep Well and Rest?

‘Sleep is the golden chain that ties health & our bodies together.’


I think sleep can be a challenge for us all at times in our life for all sorts of reasons – trauma, children, overwhelm, work, stress, hormones, excitement…. And then it becomes a habit and stress.

So I hope some of these ideas help, perhaps choose 2-3 to commit to over the next 3 weeks.

The biggest thing which has helped myself and clients is letting go of the expectation and pressure and allowing yourself, if not to sleep, just rest. Then as our nervous system calms, sleep may gentle come.

Sleep is often a forgotten thing, yet is so valuable. Like the secret, not so secret boost for our mood, energy and wellness. 

One of my New Year intentions is to allow more rest and sleep. Previously I would have felt this is lazy and not shared. Yet I know if I am well rested I can offer the best value to my clients, loved ones and life.

Life’s fabric means young children, caring for families, shift work, travel, trauma, stress etc can all affect our ability to rest, so finding the moments and ways which may work for our lifestyle is key and brave.

Love to know what helps you or if I can help, I’m no expert but have lots of tools and a great network of experts, from bloods and hormones to much more.

Environment ideas for helping sleep:

  • Quiet, restful space, clutter free
  • Digital devices on silent or left in another room
  • Low lighting and sleep candles
  • Fresh sheets and duvet
  • Appropriate temperature
  • Plants to help sleep and air quality
  • Diffuser with sleep oils

Mind ideas for deep restorative rest:

  • Journalling and writing thoughts
  • Meditation and sleep hypnosis
  • Reading relaxation/non work book
  • Breathing/calming thoughts
  • Understanding and working through stress, trauma, grief, overwhelm
  • Asking for support
  • Allowing rest

Body and habit change ideas for sleep:

  • More water through day, enough protein and nourishing foods
  • Less caffeine, refined sugar and alcohol
  • Movement outside in daylight
  • Yoga, stretching flow
  • Massage with sleep oils
  • Supplements appropriate for you
  • Allowing rest

I’d love to know what helps you sleep and hope that these tips help. A consistent bedtime/wake is good, yet working shifts, work in travel, young children etc and isn’t always possible, so choose what works.

I am here for support if you need it, contact me here.

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