Encephalitis Awareness #BrainWalk Month

February is #Brainwalk for the month & 22nd February was World Encephalitis Awareness Day, the global awareness day for people who have been directly or indirectly affected by encephalitis.

Founded by The Encephalitis Society in 2014, it has reached over 236 million people through media features, events and social media over the years.

It is their hope that it will play a leading role in their mission to increase global awareness of encephalitis and therefore saving lives and building better futures.

Find out more about Encephalitis and support them here.

How you can get involved

  1. Search #Red4WED for all World Encephalitis Day updates from the day, Find Out More
  2. BrainWalk – Why not join their BrainWalk fundraising challenge and walk, jog, or run as many steps as you can during February? Find out More & follow Kims’ journey through the month here, seeing how many steps she has done!
  3. Membership Marathon – They need you to join their 2022 Membership Marathon and enlist two new members. Find out More

Supporting this Charity is something personal to me, as well as many of the beautiful people I have had the opportunity of meeting and knowing through the healing journey. Find out more about why in my longer post here.

Follow my journey with the Brain walk steps here.

To watch my Tedx Talk click here.

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