Interview with Liam Hartery, Simply Inspired

I really enjoyed being interviewed by multi-media specialist Liam Hartery on the Simply Inspired YouTube channel.

We have an in depth discussion covering a range of topics including turning negative experiences into positive ones, transitioning from pain and struggle to happiness, how to build upon your strengths, the power of journalling and finding the courage to go after your goals.

At the end of the interview I share some tips for maximising your potential and for becoming a healthier, happier and more successful person. Hope you find these useful, let me know!

  1. Journal daily on how you’re feeling, writing on paper can be valuable.
  2. Do a digital detox regularly, this is fundamental to your wellness.
  3. Connect with people you really care about.
  4. Look forward to the Spring, when you reflect back what do you want to have done?
  5. Ask yourself, how can I start to be helpful to myself?
  6. When you’ve set your goal, start researching it, look for people to inspire you, reach out and ask for help.
  7. Seek professional support, we are all human and we all need help. Professional support gives you accountability and a safe space.
  8. Find joy in the small things, however bad your day is, do something that makes you happy.

What is Simply Inspired?

Their purpose is to simply Inspire, Influence and Engage. Simply Inspired is an online resource designed to provide content, which is beneficial, practical and thought provoking. They hope to help improve your quality of life and help you to fulfill untapped potential. They aim to provide useful information from both the Simply Inspired team and various individuals who are notable in their respective fields and who have celebrity status.

They aim to help people over come, work through or heal from a range of life issues such as, relationship problems, life direction, stress management, finding meaning and purpose, handling emotional problems, such as anxiety and fear, self-esteem, anger management, keeping mental perspective, emotional pain, self love, isolation, loneliness, emptiness and much more as well as attitude, positivity, and practical self help ideas and solutions. They deliver daily videos and tips on how to fulfill greater potential, for following and achieving goals, ways of becoming happier.

Who is Liam Hartery?

Liam is a multi-media specialist with extensive experience in a range of industry sectors including, photography, videography, journalism, multi-media marketing & more. He has been published extensively ranging from WM magazine and Boxing Monthly through to the Daily Mail.  He has worked in all kinds of photographic environments, ranging from relaxed and organised to highly pressured and cluttered.

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Photo credit: Liam Hartery, Simply Inspired

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