Mindset & Female Focused Training Podcast Interview

I really enjoyed being interviewed by Ben Pratt from Nordic Fitness Education for their podcast, check out the summary and links below…

Ben and I discuss many important issues around fitness business and training females including the reason behind the mind-body coaching concept, the importance of education and skill acquisition, important considerations in training females compared to males, how the menstrual cycle should alter the training focus across each month and common barriers to overcome in training females.

We discuss the importance of dreaming, keeping an open mind and having a vision of what you want to achieve. I always had a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve, that was mainly to help others in their confidence in fitness, having suffered from low body self-esteem myself. I wanted to help people to believe in themselves and to gain the confidence to do what they want to do and to get to where they want to be. My goal was always to run my own business and I took the correct action and developed the right level of determination to ensure I realised this goal.

I talk about how learning NLP has helped me to become a better trainer and this is how I began to develop the concept of mind body coaching. My knowledge of NLP is, in part how I help people to develop the courage they need to achieve their goals or to go through a transition.

My overarching principles for training female clients, are first and foremost getting to know that person, what’s important to them and what their biggest struggle is right now.  My specialism is helping women to have the courage to create what they can with where their life is which will help develop their confidence and self-esteem.  This is a real passion of mine to help them have that internal self-esteem.

In terms of helping female clients overcome the barriers they face, with time being the main problem, the crucial thing is to embed new habits consistently that are small and achievable, seeing the process as a whole lifestyle change.  It’s so important to determine why you want to achieve this and envision how you’ll look and feel when you do, it comes down to a shift in your identity because if you believe you’re still the person you were before the old habits will come back.

Finally, Ben asks me what advice I’d give to my young self and I said don’t be afraid to ask for advice or to share your ideas.  You must believe in yourself in the beginning and enjoy the process.  Tell yourself what you want to achieve and most importantly of all, look after yourself, your health is also your business!

Great talking with you Ben thank you!

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