Rest in Peace Jake

My beautiful Jakey was put to sleep at 1am Saturday, he had a routine op, which led to a bleed and another op, and then a massive infection. There were options but this was peaceful and best for him, as none of them guaranteed a good outcome, and he was still aware of me. The hardest decision.

Heartbroken for my boy. He had come home overnight Friday and I nursed him through the night, he was peaceful in the garden from 5-10pm whilst the sun set, like he knew, before I took him with my amazing friend Holly, I must keep his magic within me.

I’m glad he made everyone so happy and most of you met him. He was my best buddy as you know and helped me through life, especially with Jennys suicide, I will be forever grateful.

Thank you for loving him and giving me the understanding and patience right now, I know if you’re not a dog person this might seem a bit much.

Please share your love, your happy photos and joy with each other, it’s important for us all in life.

This photo was before we left.

I don’t think there is anything you can do, just send love to my boy and treasure the moments which matter most to you, and love yourself, you do matter. He’s sold hundreds of copies of his book, ‘52 Ways to Feel Good‘ raising money for Hounds for Heroes, Encephalitis and Mind. We had planned book two this summer, maybe I’ll do in his memory.

If there’s one thing the last year has taught me, you can’t control anything, you won’t always feel happy, or anywhere near this, but you must have hope and trust, and you can find a smile in the toughest days.

I am grateful for you all and proud of the good work and growth we do together.

See most of you in August and we may have a get together for all those who loved Jake, he would like this. He loved people parties.

Please do send your updates, appointment times/ requests and don’t filter, I may not reply straight away but I will. I love working with you all and this is important to me.

With much gratitude to you all and love to my hound of happiness, Jake, may love his happiness, courage to learn despite adversity and optimism live on.

We cannot predict the future, yet today we are alive. Have the courage to say Yes through fear, to live your life with passionate purpose, depth and meaning, trust and hope. Commit to yourself…. with courage, today. 

Grab a copy of Jake’s magical book ‘The Hound of Happiness: 52 Tips to Feel Good’ here.

Connect with Jake on Instagram here.