Shock Absorber FlyBra Test Time #shockyoursystem

I always get excited testing new kit out, and the Shock Absorber Fly Bra didn’t disappoint!  After years of engineering and design work, the Fly Bra was launched with the amazing free runner Katie McDonnell testing it first.  As an incredibly talented free runner and Ninja warrier finalist, her video is worth watching just to inspire you and define your boundaries of possible.
So when my Fly Bra arrived I naturally had high expectations that it would give me Ninja Warrier powers!  Sadly, this didn’t happen (yet), yet my hiit workout was amazing. The bra almost molded around my chest and bust, feeling incredibly comfortable, versatile and supportive.


At first I thought it was a little big compared to my Run Bra’s, yet after a few minutes the bra seemed to ‘settle’ around my shape.  I’ve tested it on shorter, speed runs, Kettle bell and TRX sessions, HIIT training, boxing and more and it really works.  I’ve also recommend to several of my clients, for horse riding to triathlon, track running to adventuring and the feedback has been great, and they are all different cup sizes.
Honestly, it’s well worth having in your kit bag, as it feel likes a second skin, more like a normal bra than your usual sports bra’s, yet possibly even more support. It’s also incredibly soft so no rubbing, and moisture wicking to allow an intense workout!


So for me, I would give it 5*, surprisingly light, super supportive and really effective!  I can’t wait to get a few more colours and take it on some of my adventures this Summer.  Let me know what you think of your Fly Bra & how your Ninja fitness powers are progressing this Summer, I’m always here to support you.


Katie McDonnell FlyBra – #shockyoursystem video – watch it and then check out here Instagram!

Buy your own FlyBra here – available in all sizes up to cup F.

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(Photo Credit: Women’s Running Magazine) 


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