Shortlisted for 2 NLP Awards!



I feel hugely honored to be short listed for two NLP Awards, surrounded by complete excellence and inspiration.


I first trained in NLP in 2006 when I was looking for something to add to my fitness, sports therapy and business coaching.  I felt I was getting huge shifts with people, yet they often lacked the confidence to really believe in themselves, and to like themselves.  I wanted to find and learn skills that could help me grow that inner belief and confidence, and to shift people’s fears and self doubt.   I read an article by Pam Rigden which talked about NLP, and I thought, that’s it!


So I embarked on my NLP Practioner, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy training. Like many people, I think I found it pretty overwhelming, yet exciting when I considered the potential to make a difference in people’s lives, and also be challenged to grow and expand in myself.  In 2008 I embarked on my Master NLP, Hypnotherapy and TLT Certification with Emma James, this proved to be one of the most significant and impactful trainings of my career so far.


The personal growth and depth of skills I learned were huge. I truly starting practising NLP weaving it into my business, Energised Performance and offering complete Mind Body Coaching to unlock potential, self belief, confidence and happiness.  I feel hugely lucky to have worked with 100’s of amazing people all over the World, including Team GB, Strictly Come Dancing, complex medical referrals, teenage body confidence and charity adventure challenges.   The power of NLP, when used respectfully, blending with my other skills has been amazing and I truly believe it makes a difference.  Following my NLP trainings I have done advanced Coaching and mBraining training, and regularly been to the NLP conference meeting great people.


As well as I hope making a huge difference in people’s lives, my writing and passion, I have raised £80,000 for charity through adventure challenges and spoken at TEDx.  Since 2013 I have been learning to manage my healing from post weils encephalitis, and I can honestly say I have drawn on every skill and tool I have learned through NLP to help support the mental challenges and growth which come through this experience.  So for me, NLP has made the difference to my life and allowed me to give the tools and support to so many others to make the difference in their life too.  Being short listed for the award is a recognition for all the brave and beautiful people I work with, and I look forward to helping even more.



Have a read of what the Judging Panel say below…

The award for NLP Making A Difference recognises an individual / organisation that has made a generative difference through their NLP-related contribution to society.  The finalists for is award are…… Frank Bourke, Kim Ingleby: Self Belief Mind & Body Fit Coach, Lindsey Agness, Neil Almond and Sally Vanson.  To read the full bio’s click here



I was truly excited to hear I had been Short Listed for the NLP in Business Award too, what an honor.  My degree was in International Business Management, and it is part of my vision to develop Energised Business, which offers Mind Body solutions to enhance the performance, wellbeing, self belief and productivity of employees and their teams. Since 2008 I have worked with many teams, brought my Olympic Athletes to co present with their story, and I add the skills and coaching individual CEO and managers to enhance their wellness in work and life.  I find working in the corporate environment, challenging yet exciting and believe NLP has an exciting place in an organisation to positively disrupt and enhance the quality, culture and sustainability of people and business. I have used my own NLP skills to enhance my speaking skills and helping others to do the same. It is a true privilege to be short listed in this category and kind of makes me smile, as I never would have believed at school I would be coaching CEO’s, presenting with Mark Foster and this short list would have been possible!



Have a read of what the Judging Panel say below…. 

The award for NLP in Business recognises an individual / organisation that has made a difference in private sector business to employees, companies or within the business sector generally.  The finalists for is award are….. Kim Ingleby: Self Belief Mind & Body Fit Coach, Mark Rowland, Shelle Rose Charvet, Sue Knight – NLP at Work, Terry Elston and Adam Sprackling. To read more about the finalists click here –



The Awards Dinner is being held during the NLP Conference, packed full of International Speakers from around the World.  The Dinner is support MacMillan Cancer which is so wonderful.  If you would like to go to the Conference, Sponsor an Award, come to the Awards or just find out more, click here

So a huge well done to everyone, in each category for the great work you do, I am inspired by reading your profiles to offer more, make a bigger difference and to continue to give back and grow.  Good luck, good luck for the Awards Dinner and thank you all!

If you would like to chat about overcoming your fears and making a difference to your life and confidence, or to run a workshop for your business, sports team or charity, please ping me an email, I would love to see if we can work together, or recommend the right person.




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