Sunday Story….

A little Sunday story to help you I hope….
So you know you should do that thing you think you can’t? Sometimes you shouldn’t!
I’ve been training for Himalayan 100 end of Oct, (round 2 after the bike knocked me out last year). I’ve been loving it and up to 80miles happily each week, yet a clever nurse wanted to run some swabs to check up my healing.
Turned out I had a multitude of bacterias still hanging out in my body, no rent being paid! The result, a month of high dose anti-biotics,
When you read this I will have hopefully come to the end of the round and need no more….
It took me a few days to reframe my September and feel happy, to write a big self care plan & generally to realign my happiness to embrace this. As now the Himalayan 100 is out as no flying allowed (aside from the obvious healing phase!)
I’m writing this ramble as I feel truly grateful the nurse picked up on this for another stage of healing, and excited too. Yet like anything in life, curve balls take a little while to re adjust.
I pulled out of my race entered last weekend which was wise. This weekend I just wanted to do it, to feel ‘normal’, to run in the wild and just be. There was no need to prove a thing for me, it was to enjoy.
But here’s the thing, I knew in deep within the affect of the anti biotics and thought, I’m not sure, let’s see.
Cheddar Half Marathon …..It was beyond tough, hills, rain, mud (love!), incredibly beautiful, seeing wild horses made my race, amazingly organised and I used every tool in my mental strength kit bag to complete,
On reflection sometimes the thing you can’t do right now, you can’t for a reason. And if you turn and face a different angle, you can do something amazing with your time and thoughts,
I’ve been writing exciting content for Make 2018 Brilliant and our Winter Inner Confidence Course, updating and creating great things on the websites & cooking new recipes, giving to important people around me and allowing my body time.
I suppose this ramble as your Coach is about being authentic and real, we don’t ‘get it right’ all the time as everyone’s normal is different. (Like a haircut for me is a massive challenge with the noise but quite normal!)
Showing the story behind the medal & allowing you permission to let go of what isn’t flowing right now, to allow what could flow into your life right now, I hope is exciting,
I don’t regret running, I don’t mind it was my slowest ever for I’m proud of my body & mind managing, I was the smiliest runner on route I’m told, and then the rain washed the moment of tears! Kind of my mini Himalayan 100!
I hope you can feel proud of yourself too, even if things don’t go to plan, because then you can learn and grow…
I hope that my ramble allows you to feel inspired and motivated to let go of social comparisons and have the courage to reach for support, believe in yourself and make your Autumn amazing,
Huge well done to my clients this weekend, you inspire me, excellence. #gaintheedge
Have a brilliant week, believe in you & if I can help you in anyway, just pop me a message, it would be a pleasure.
Big support , Kim #unlockyourpotential ⭐️
Make 2018 Brilliant
Gain the Edge
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