Tips to Help your Mental Strength

Just a few simple tips to help your mental strength, choose one and see how you go, simple habit changes make changes without overwhelm.

– be helpful to yourself with your internal language and stories
– move your body in nature
– take breaks and remember to breathe
– write your thoughts out & feelings
– be brave, ask for support even in the workplace – or connect with someone outside to help you
– spend time away from digital
– allow your mind and body to rest and have good sleep
– practice mindfulness or meditation, if only a minute a day
– choose foods to help you feel good
– connect with people you love
– if you’re in overwhelm, communicate with someone, this is the hardest but will help
– make time for something which brings you happiness , even if tiny moments they help to build resilience
– check in with your boundaries and what you’re saying yes and no too
– get strong in your body and mind
– have hope
– give kindness to others
– be kind yet committed to uncomfortable good growth within yourself, you matter

What helps you or your workplace? I’d love to know and share goodness, books, links and support.

If I can help support you, do connect , be brave – it may make the difference even if the scariest thing you do.

My inner confidence course will help you in mind, body and soul feel good and have tips and tools to cope without overwhelm too – love you to join us for support until Christmas.

A few tips in My TEDxBristol from about 7 mins in.

Click here for the Mental Health Foundation.

For coaching support with me get in touch here.

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