Top Sante December Fit Tips

Check out Top Sante December 2018 Issue for my latest, top fitness tips!

I answer a reader question about what to do when you are feeling unwell but wish to continue with your exercise regime. I recommend doing a wellness check as we head into the winter months which will help you to make simple changes that may limit colds and flu.  I say that if it’s only up in your head and you feel ok everywhere else it’s fine to continue with your usual exercise regime, providing that you wrap up warm if you are going outside. You could also try a gentle activity that can be done at home such as yoga or stretching.

I also offer advice on the length of time you should be spending warming up for before doing weights or bodyweight exercises. I usually recommend warming up for around 10 minutes before doing weights, and combining a number of different warm up activities. Remember that the cool down after your workout is just as important as the warm up!

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