What is your passion?

Always go with your passion. Never ask if it’s realistic or not.…’ Deepak Chopra

What’s your passion?

For me, this photo encompasses my passion and purpose.

I see your potential and want to help as many people around the world realise this… to learn to believe in YOU, speak helpfully to yourself and embrace fear with courage to make your ‘what if’ happen…. be that a big crazy adventure, setting up a business, nourishing love and ultimately being content in the now.

To run or ride – exploring the remote corners of world , meeting new people, cultures and raising money for charity – seeing what’s possible.

To always have hope, courage, love, focus and strength to keep learning, trying new things and giving time to the amazing people in my life.

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This photo is with Linda Doke, my roomie for #himalayan100Himalayan Running mile stage race in India Himalayas last month, she was second lady – check her out, inspiring one incredibly tough and amazing challenge, raising money for Mind.

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‘If you don’t know your passion or purpose, be curious. Notice what makes you feel alive, follow the trail, be courageous with fear and see where you go…’

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Photo: (c) Himalayan


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