Only 4% of Us Feel Beautiful, How Do We Change This?

Only 4% of us feel beautiful in the Dove research, with the UK and Japan the least confident, and S.Africa and Russia the most… I really want to help us change this.

Often we are kind, compassionate, supportive to our friends, yet so hard, judgemental, unkind to ourselves. Always focusing on what we don’t like about our bodies, forgetting the amazing things our bodies do, what makes us interesting, lights a spark within in us, where we love to explore…. what, where, who lights us up….?

I was chatting to my hairdresser about it (I used to hate sitting looking at me in mirror, anyone else had this..?) We are scared to like ourselves. But scared to admit we don’t like something and commit to changing this thought …. it may be tough, but it’s possible. When I first trained as a PT nearly 20 yrs ago, I loved helping people become fitter and stronger, but felt I hadn’t done my job properly as they often still didn’t feel confident or happy. That’s when I trained in NLP, Hypnotherapy, mBraining and GP referral so I could help people change their thoughts and language, as well as their habits, and start to learn to feel beautiful, inside out.

Doing the training over 10 years I have been challenged me to find peace within following years of chronic bullying and body dysmorphia. Through our struggles is growth, I know one hundred percent I can help you do the same.

What I’ve learned coaching thousands of people from 12 – 89 yrs is it’s human to have doubts and to compare. Yet our bodies, faces and minds are incredible. And gradually the more you learn to be kind, helpful, determined and curious about yourself…the more you can embrace the beautiful mess that makes you magically YOU, just as you are right now.

What are you proud about your body, so be brave and share? For me, it’s how mine is healing post Weils Encephalitis, how I explore and run around the world, how my heart has the hope and capacity to love.

The bits you are unkind about: Pause, be helpful to yourself, for trust me, your beauty is made up of so many things.

YOU matter and I’m here to help you believe in you and live happy, inside and out.

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