How to Run 5km Faster, With No Extra Running..

Random tips to run 5km faster in 6 months and have fun, in?

Interesting one. Anyone, I really mean this, can do 5km. Maybe not today, and maybe not how you think ‘you should’ but 100% you can and I want to help you make it happen

5km can help you move your body, relax, make friends, reduce stress, have fun…. you can walk, dance, run it, however you want.

Here are my random things which helped me improve my 5km time since January… let me know which you’re going to try.

  • 2 x @parkrunuk a month, however I felt. Just for fun, pushing my pace
  • Daily tibetan yoga stretches and foam rolling, if only for 2-3mins some days
  • Weekly core and functional strength sessions, focusing on form
  • Quality recovery time and extra rest if I needed it, especially pre period days and Encephalitis phases
  • More quality protein and veggies, adding more omega, Lean Greens (code KIM10 for 10% off) and Optimum Nutrition Train and Sustain
  • Writing clear mental strength plans pre and post each race so I was clear on my intention and going all in
  • Having fun with it, even though I was doing club road races I usually avoid as I find scary
  • Not worrying if my times were much slower some days, just being curious on what I have or have not done
  • Fine tuning my plan to fit my @dnafithq profile which has seen massive improvements
  • Running how I want to run, visualising models of excellence and belief, breathing in courage and strength, out fatigue – rather than self sabotage or I can’t run that fast, being present
  • Testing some mizuno race shoes!

Let me know which ones help you most.

I run 1-2 times a week, honestly. The 5km I ran last was 21.05, I asked if the distance was correct as didn’t believe it!! The week before I was 2.5mins slower with my neurology.

I don’t chase the times but I am intrigued by committing to consistency, uncomfortable sessions and a variety of outcomes.

Hope this helps, if you want to know more or have any questions please do ask. 

I do 1:1 plans online, DNAFit consults and Mental Strength sessions, anything goes, especially first timers – I’ll give you the magic confidence to cross the finish line and feel good, inside and out.

Let me know where you’re running this summer, I’d love to know.

For coaching for the Autumn races contact me here.