Action Thoughts for your Happy 2017

Dear Super Readers & Friends,
I hope you are really, really well and are having a great festive time? A couple of day’s earlier than our usual Sunday newsletter, but we had lots to share and felt it would help you to create your best start to 2017….
I would love to know how you are doing, pop me a reply with your biggest challenge and celebration of 2016.
In the art of sharing and being accountable as your Coach, I think for me, my biggest challenge was a personal one, learning to believe in myself again after being challenged in my relationship.
As Byron Katie would say, ‘the person you choose to have a relationship with is your biggest lesson…’ This could be with yourself, your friends, your love, your children or many other relationships.  I am still learning, we are all still learning. And I think this is the beauty which allows us, if we are brave to grow and shine brighter.
I think my biggest celebration would be completing my 100 miles despite being knocked out by the cyclist, breaking my elbow and severe concussion.  This challenge took my total to over £80k for charity, and I learned a huge amount in the process. I truly learned the benefits of the DNA testing, my NLP Mindset Skills and nutritional therapy tweaking.  All of this will add great value in supporting you, my clients reach your goals and beyond.
So I would love to know your biggest challenge and celebration…. dare you 🙂 If you are happier, just write it down. I’ve done that with even more challenges and celebrations, the feelings, the learnings, and how they all have added value and growth to my life.  Plus pausing to see if there are any limits to let go of as we move into the New Year.
This got me thinking about New Year’s Resolutions and how we always set them, but often our habits and beliefs are so ingrained we fail to achieve them, because we don’t realise we really have to change our thoughts, our language, our believe and our overall way of being to make things happen. This is super scary, yet equally, super exciting.  Here are a few little thoughts for you as you set your New Years Solutions to Make 2017 Brilliant for you.
If you listened to the Queen’s Speech you will know she was talking about Inspiration, and how it means to breathe.  And how, whilst we all cannot make a big difference, we can all start to grow little things with great love.   And from that, the little things cause a ripple which can make a big difference.  That inspiration comes in many forms, and surrounding yourself by people who allow you to take a deep breath and believe in yourself, your goals and dreams is so important.  Yet what I believe is more important, is allowing yourself to believe in yourself.  Allowing yourself to realise you matter, that a pause is good and that commitment to a goal is challenging, exciting and possible.
So as you take out your pen and paper and think about what you would like to achieve this, ponder these thoughts…… 
* Create and keep a little time each day to breathe deeply, to write in your journal of gratitude and awareness, to stretch and move your body or/and to plan your food to feel good. One of these as your priority each week will really add value to your own wellness this year
** Everyone is difference, and you are different at different stages in your life.  So think about it.  If what you have done has always worked, but isn’t currently, maybe you need to change it? Maybe it is working, but if you changed ‘it’, it could be even better…? When I sit and look at just my family, and how they work it reminds me, how different we all are, and there is no right.  There is just a right for you.  Which I always work with, with my clients.   One brother eats once a day, and thrives off it.  Another grazes throughout the day and thrives off it.  If I recommended either way to the other, it would add stress.  So think about what you can change to help you feel your best, and if you are not sure, just ask.
*** Listen to the story and language you tell and use.  Often there are key’s in the stories we tell about what we believe is possible, and where are boundaries are. Perhaps you could start to stretch your boundary, widen your horizon, change your language and see what is possible.  Act as if….
**** Space and Time I really believe is key, to allow your passion and creativity to flow, to allow your muscles to recover, to boost your immunity, to slow down and switch off.  Granted, I am a doer and love this.  Yet the pauses with not doing, are sometimes the most creative and wonderful spaces.  They also allow spontaneity to occur which I believe is so much fun and essential to widen our funnel in life. Jeremy Vine wrote an article about widening your funnels as you grow older… it kind of links to the story.
***** Make a wish and take action on it.  I think all too often, life flows on and we say, I wish I could do, feel or be more like this.  I wonder if you created a little plan, with consistent steps, where you paused for breath, surrounded yourself with inspiration, celebrated the progress and told the story to yourself about the actions to make your wish a reality… it may just happen?   Or if it didn’t happen, change may occur?  It’s just a thought, it’s just your wish… but if it really matters perhaps it’s time to take action…..?
I would truly love to know your thoughts and help you achieve your goals, grow your confidence and courage into 2017 and make it brilliant. 
I have been working hard developing our Make 2017 Brilliant Mentoring Success Club online which opens on 7th Feb, packed full of great things each month to help you make changes in all areas of your life…..  with our 21 Day Online Goal Setting Course starting on 8th Jan to get your going followed by our Workshop on 22nd Jan at Bristol Zoo.  I have some great offers on to sign up to all of these and get a copy of my little 52 Tips to Feel Good Book, along with The Hound of Happiness.  I would love, love you to jump on and pledge, so I can support you have the best year… and we can spread around the World,
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Along with all this goodness, I am coaching some CEO’s, writing training plans for Marathon’s and Triathlon’s for people all over the World, running DNA Fit Consults & doing our Mind Ninja Strategy Sessions to grow your confidence and happiness in life,
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However Big or Small your goal or fear is, we are here to help you grow in confidence, commitment and courage in 2017, 
I hope it is a year filled with Joy, Happiness, Good Health, Wealth and Wonderful moments, plus the strength to endure all that is given to test you, 
I’m about all weekend, so do hit reply and ask any questions you may have, 
With so much Energised Support and Care Always, 
Coach Kim xx 
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