Bare Biology Skinful Review

I’ve been testing Skinful for the last month and really love it.  It dissolves into liquid and doesn’t really taste of much, but I’ve really noticed the difference in my skin.  It’s brighter, smoother and definitely more energised, if your skin can look like this!

My hairdresser asked me what I was eating as my hair was so thick, and several people asked why my skin is glowing, Skinful is the difference and definitely worth a try.  Click here to find out more and order. I use Bare Biology’s Omega range and highly recommend to all my clients too, I love their sustainable values and ethics, and also to support small business.

Read on to find out more about Skinful and what Bare Biology say, and if you have any questions please do pop me an email.

Why Skinful is different

It’s safe to say that collagen is the most talked about supplement of the year. With so many options to choose from you might be wondering what makes our marine collagen different?

1. We test every batch

At Bare Biology we put purity above all else. Every single batch of our pure marine collagen powder is independently tested by IFOS, you can find the results on the Skinful product page.

2. Fast results

If you are looking for an anti ageing supplement, then taking a pure marine collagen like Skinful can help. This is because it contains type I collagen with a near-identical chemical make-up as the skin itself.

3. Totally flavourless

Skinful mixes beautifully in coffee, tea, smoothies, shakes, juice or water. You can even bake with it! Find our favourite collagen recipes here. 

Pure type 1 collagen peptides from wild, certified sustainable cod

Collagen content per serving:  one tablespoon has 5,000mg (5g) of Type I marine collagen peptides.  Download the amino acid profile below.

300g pot lasts:  One month if you take 10g daily and two months at 5g daily.

Ingredients:  powder form collagen peptides made from hydrolysed wild codfish skin (Gadus morhua).  Made in Norway. 

19kcal per 5g serving.

Free from:  Beef, pork & chicken free. Gluten free GMO free.

Who it’s for:  everyone (consult your doctor if you’re on medication or are pregnant or breastfeeding)

How much and how to take:  Month 1: 2 tablespoons (10g) daily

Month 2 onwards: 1 tablespoon (5g) daily

Totally flavourless and mixes beautifully in coffee, tea, smoothies, shakes, juice or water.

For more, check out our ultimate guide to collagen.

This is not a paid post, I genuinely like this product but I have written for them. Let me know how you get on with it if you give it a test!

To learn more about Bare Biology visit their website here.

For articles and testing please contact me here.

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