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Are you aware of sustainable fashion brands (which do you love) & make conscious, really wear your clothes 30+ times or it’s not a priority? Love to know…

I had a brilliant evening with Sweaty Betty Bristol & Nicole discussing sustainability & ethical fashion, fascinating and a good reminder to be mindful with our choices and shopping. You can read all about their Sustainability here, it’s worth a cup of tea & ten minutes of your time.

Do check out out Sweaty Betty Sustainable Edit here & get a £10 voucher when you recycle your old leggings in store, this is an incredible incenstive and really makes a difference. The old leggings will either find a new home, or be recycled.

Love, Sustainable Ambassador Kim (customers thought this fitting name as ive been an ambassador for 10yrs & always have ‘old collections’ on which just shows although perhaps a little more expensive, they last and look great for year’s to come).

Here’s some facts to consider:

The fashion industry is the 5th biggest environmental footprint in the world with the 2nd biggest impact globally after oil. Generally 30% of wardrobe is not used, 30 billion of sold clothes not used! 3/5 garments go to landfill. I found these stats a real wake up, and I believe I shop very consciouslly. Average life of your clothes can be 2yrs which will drastically reducing carbon imprint, think about what you have.

If you want to shop mindfully look out for Fair trade certifications, ethics codes of contact, modern slavery act, minimum wage and environments, location, thoughtful buying & transparency. Think about how you care for your garments and the use of electrictiy for washing too. Denim doesn’t need washing too much, and uses a lot of energy. Knitwear, don’t need washing so much, just give them a good airing.

Fabrics which are sustainable, cotton, sweaty betty / bamboo fabric, surfers use it, great. Spandex mix best. Merino, ECONYL® regenerated nylon swimwear, plastic bottles into fibre and leggings. Recycled fleece, cotton off cuts gone to landfill, stripped down, great alternative to knitwear. Digital print over dyes, primaloft and waterproof, super light, polar tec fleeces. I’m no fashion designer, so some of the wording and context maybe out, but what I do know is you can get amazing, great looking kit which is functional and lasts, whilst still being ethical in product with people and the environment. Think about it.

Any then when you are done with your clothes… what do you do?

Shop different , you can find amazing buys in charity shops and on ebay, and you can sell/swap/give your clothes away – breaking up fast fashion. If you are going to a wedding or party there are several rental places popping up now, so you can get something truly special for the occaision, saving money without it ending up in your wardrobe for years.

I love you can give your clean underwear to smalls for all, sending bras to Africa. It’s a really important charity, allowing girls and women less likely to be raped if wearing a bra.

Basically as yourself before you buy – Will I wear this 30 times? 

If yes – You can buy it.  If No – think about other options, or how you can recycle it after so it’s worn again by someone. A journey of clothes and adventure.

Click here to visit Sweaty Betty’s sustainable collections.

Click here for Sweaty Betty’s Limited edition collection with Fearne Cotton for Mind Charity.

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