December News & Tips

How are you flowing through the end of December in this strange year? 

I would love to know and support you in any way. It’s a been a year like no other, and I would love you take a pause and think of one thing you are really proud of, and one thing you could decide, change and complete by the end of the year. Surprise yourself, and if you need any accountability get in touch

Since March I have been giving Covid support coaching sessions, pay what you can and running free charity courses. 

I’m really proud of everyone getting involved, and over the 9 months we have raised over £2,200 for NHS Charities, Suicide Support and Mind which is amazing and will definitely make a big difference.  

Our fundraising also tips our lifetime fundraising to near £87k which I can’t quite believe….. I have some ideas bubbling for 2021 to hit the £100k….and open to suggestions.

I will be making a donation to the Marmalade Trust to support loneliness this winter.  I am running a Winter Wellness Yoga Nidra Session (which is like guided visualisation and very relaxing) on Sun 20th Dec, 6.30pm GMT with a donation from this to Crisis at Christmas from bookings. 

Energised Life Journal Prompt … 

There is great power in writing things down, even if you don’t realise at the time. It activates different parts of our brain to typing, and is good for our eyes to see our writing. If you are curious, find a moment and write these reflections down.  

  • What am I proud of from 2020, what have I learned, what am I resisting changing? 
  • What do I really want to make happen in 2021? 

Often we set so many big goals and have such a list that we do nothing consistently.  There is power in being really clear and choosing a max of 3 priority areas for the first 3 months of the year to action into a little weekly plan.  If this feels too much, just go week by week.   I do this with my Mentoring Year and the results they achieve is inspiring…. dare you to give it a go, take some time with it and share. 

If I can help you make something happen in 2021, it would be my complete pleasure….. jump on the VIP Mastermind Year for maximum support. 

Here are a few links you may like, do share if you love them, support small business:

Veggies in your Breakfast?

I like putting finely chopped brocolli in my porridge (really!) and a scoop of Lean Greens if I need an immune boost –  code KIM10 gives you 10% off ….. i like spinach and mushrooms with eggs, but don’t have eggs daily as I find I’m better on less…. or are you Vegan/doing Veganuary?

What is mBraining and your 3 brains?!

I trained in this a couple of years ago, and believe it’s integral in supporting effective change for my clients, combined with NLP & coaching models and more recently Trauma Therapy Certification.  If you are intrigued, let me know as love to support you evolve in 2021.

Lentil, Coconut and Spinach Dahl Soup – Yum! 

From our partner, Go Faster Foods – yummy powers for your winter immunity. (remember code ENERGISED20 for 20% off the bites!) 

Renaissance Triathlete 

Doug Wood has been a client for several years (photo below at the World Aquathlon Champs together).  During lockdown he has written a compelling, inspiring and thought-provoking book. So instead of our usual online sports performance coaching, I have the privilege of helping him bring this to print. I highly recommend, you can get signed copies from Doug or direct from Amazon. Big Congratulations to Doug. 

Into 2021  – how can I help you become your best? Have a think and let me know.