Energised Check in – How Is Your Year Flowing so far?

Happy Chinese New Year… The Year of Ox.  

As the World continues to unfold during these chaotic times, it’s really important to pause every now and then, and just check in with yourself.  

  • What is working, and what is not for you right now? 
  • What can you control, and what could you let go off? 

My little thought for this month is about burnout…. ‘pandemic fatigue‘ is really common, and I’d like to ask you to pause and think about your Self Care to help reduce burnout. 

‘Doing your best does not mean being so busy ticking every box and working yourself so hard you only stop at the point of mental or/and physical burnout…..’   

What do you think and how are YOU? 

With home schooling, work, family pressures and life stress, this may seem difficult but tiny changes can make a difference to your wellness.   

Perhaps you are really enjoying the changes and they have been helpful for you and your life/relationships? 

I mentor many people who are so focused on achieving great things they end up burning out in mind and/or body or losing the joy of the moment. I think it’s ‘easy’ for this to happen and I have learned a huge amount through many experiences, especially during my own health experiences and qualifying in Trauma with Yoga Training a few weeks ago.  

I did my research project on PTSD and chronic stress, auto immune conditions and the benefits of yoga.  It was fascinating and a great in-depth training or value for depth in my toolbox of skills to support you. 

Have a think about when you took some time to ‘switch on’ YOU, be present and nurture your inner spark, and switch off digital, pull up mental limits and I’ll be happy when statements and switch into, ‘how can I be happy now….?’ 

If you would like any support to help you feel good in February, focused and flowing, do get in touch, 1:1, oracle card reading, reiki/yoga nidra personalised sessions and much more.

Here are a few links you may enjoy: 

* I was interviewed by Sarah, Tough Girl Podcast a little while ago and it’s live on Thursday 4th, I feel really privileged to be asked to be on her podcast.  Do check out the other guests in February as they are brilliant and inspiring. 

* An article in Red Magazine, about how to live a more fulfilled life, from Fears to Fierce. Whilst written with a female pronoun, it’s good info for all. 

* If you are looking for a Scottish Adventure with your family/bubble this Summer, Ossian Adventures can offer great advice and support, a small company with a lot of local knowledge and experience. 

* Excited to be supporting many of Team Energised with Rat Race Events this year, love to know if you are doing any events this year & if you need any support or advice. 

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Let us know how you are and join our free group support.

And if you have any questions do contact me, I am always here.

Keep well as we flow through February.

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