February Feel Good Movement Thoughts

During lockdown, if you are UK based (or perhaps wherever you are in the World), it’s been hard to get enough movement in, and unfold our postures from Zoom meetings and home schooling. Here are a few simple ways to help you feel strong and well. If you have any questions please do ask, and make sure you are warmed up and have no injuries before giving them a go. We ran them as part of our feel good charity challenge in January raising over £200 for Above and Beyond NHS Charity. Many people said they helped so wanted to share in here, let me know how you get on….

1. Cardio Boost

1 min of Star Jumps, Squat Thursts, Sprint Starts, Shuttle Runs, Burpees – repeat 1-3 if you have time, or morning and evening. Warm up and Stretch as required. These can be done with family in your lockdown space, any questions contact me here.

2. Plank

Do a plank – half, full or moving with correct technique for 60 secs (if you can) x 3 – and if you are feeling good, repeat in the evening too. Really engage your lower tummy muscles and keep your shoulders relaxed. For more technique click here. 

3. Legs

Warm up then try this: 3 sets of 45 – 60secs of Squats (add a jump to make harder if you are confident and injury free), Lunges, Step Ups (just using the stairs will work), Burpees and Gluteal Bridge … no kit needed, so definitely everyone can do it.

4. Strength

Simple, yet so important.  This is to work your behind. Squats, 1 min moving narrow squats, 1 min wide moving squats, 1 min wall squat hold – repeat x 2 , morning and night. Watch your technique, warm up and cool down. Report back – technique click here. 

Woman Jogging Outdoors In Autumn in Public Park

5. Cardio movement

Do at least 30mins of walking, plus 10 – 30mins of jogging, swimming if you are braving the outdoors in the UK or have access to a pool, dancing, running, cycling or additional walking with good, tall posture and breathing. Enjoy it and share any photos with me here.

6. Calm Day

This is your Calm Day… time to pause and recharge.  There is huge power in the pause, and quality training includes quality rest and recovery. It’s a skill to be able to pause and recover, as well as move.  Be in the moment, feel calm, take a deep breath and enjoy just being, practise this, see how you go.  If you feel more tired from the pause, then you perhaps need to pause a little longer.  Even if it’s just for 5 minutes, pause and reflect in the world chaos, reflect on the good, and let go of the limitations.  Let us know if we can help you.

7. Checking

Did you have a rest day yesterday, or perhaps choose a day this week?  Here’s a Mini Core Session: 1 min Crunches, 1 min Back Alternate Supermen, 30 sec side plank (both sides) x 3, morning and night – enjoy and engage your core through the day too. For more exercises click here.

8. Legs Strength exercises

Make sure you warm up well and any questions let us know.  No exercise should cause pain, making the muscles work yes, but not pain. Static Lunges or multi directional, Wall Squat (can you beat the inspiring Tina who did over 5mins!), Squat thrusts, Step Ups (use the stairs), Box Jumps (jump over a cushion if you don’t have a box to jump on) and Calve Raise (keep it balanced)… this is quite challenging so make sure you adapt to your ability and how you feel, 1- 3 sets with good fatigue, enjoy and report back – here’s a link for Lunge technique.

9. Big Weekend Challenge

At the weekend I’d love you to do 90 mins of movement… walking, dancing, climbing a hill, burpees and shuttle runs, stretching, cold water swimming, cycling… whatever moves your body and helps you feel good, if you need ideas or support during lockdown do let me know.  Most people have been sitting much more during lockdown, so unfolding your body and moving can really help.  A little reminder, that actually low intensity like walking, yoga and happy dancing, can help lower stress levels, whilst harder runs wihtout good sleep and recovery may add extra stress, so have a think about a balance of both.

10. Find your Feel Good Food

Mindfully reduce white sugar, alcohol and cigarettes.  Yes, you read it…. just reduce or notice biscuits, sugars, alcohol etc … focus on hydration and feel good snacks with balanced protein and slow release carbohydrate energy.  If you are unsure do let us know as we can help you find the right mix to help you feel good in mind, body and soul.

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