November News & Tips

Welcoming November, lockdown, elections, general life chaos rambles…

Here are some little tips and thoughts for you from our November newsletter (to sign up click here.) I am here for each of you if you need anything or just a connection don’t be scared to reach out. Okay if might be scary, but still try it, it may help…

Take a pause, your favourite drink and ask yourself/journal:

– How am I feeling?

– What could help myself with this?

– what feeling would help me as a focus to breath daily?

– What is possible to focus on?

– Who can help me & who can I help,

Make sure you ask yourself how you are and what you need, and then those you love. Photos, voice messages , written notes and connection without pressure can make a difference as everyone is different yet personal sights, sounds and connection makes a difference.

As the days shorten getting outside in day light will always make a difference too if you are able to. Or just sticking your head outside a window, promise.

YOU do matter and people love you, even if you don’t realise if right now, I promise.

Something is always possible, if not everything or what you had planned. 

* Be angry, sad, fearful – whatever you need so it’s not suppressed – and then see what the possibility could be.

I am here to help you, when I had leptospirosis everything changed in 24hrs for a good 18 months before I reestablished a new way of living . So ironically, whilst this is totally different there are many similarities and I can help, business, brain, body…. find hope.

Day by day, it’s different for everyone yet we’re all in this chaotic journey of life.

I feel grateful for running water, my home, the field to scamper in with Bert dog, electricity and pen to paper to journal. When I was in Sierra Leone and Ebola broke out it reminded me of the simple things I have, compassion and resilience. What do you feel grateful for? 

Upcoming online events to support you, contact me here to book on or find out more: 

Special Reflective Recharge Workshop on Sunday 29th November, 5.30 – 7pm GMT, it will be a live video (recorded to watch back) with group support – pay what you can, £5 – 32 

Festive Feel Good 8 Day Challenge (with prizes too) from 6th Dec – 13th Dec, with charity donations to Crisis at Christmas local food banks and shelters, pay what you can, £5 – £21 – Facebook private group and emails.

Winter Solstice Yoga Nidra Session & Relax – Sun 20th Dec, 6.30 – 7.30pm, zoom recording, pay what you can, £5 – £20 with group support.

Free support & check in’s 2 – 3 x per week in November: I will be popping in, it’s private, just request to join. 

Transform your 2021 Mentoring – The Brave Year – pop a reply if you would like to know more, this is our 5th year of support for a small group of wonderful people ready to grow. 

Check in with your wellness – how is your sleep, variety of foods, hydration, connection, digital switch off? All important, ‘basic’ areas to explore. 

So whilst so many things are out of our control and choices, pause and really tune into how YOU and your most valued relationships are.  How can you make today, tomorrow and your month flow?  Really ask yourself this.

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My most recent podcast interview was with Camilla Sacre Dallerup, if you want to listen click here.

Whilst this was written in the Huffington Post when the 3 tier system was in place, it’s still a good article. 

Through the darkness and chaos, light will come, like the seasons.