International NLP Awards Winner!!


‘The Award for NLP In Public Service and Community was presented to Kim Ingleby who has worked with hundreds of clients using NLP tools, techniques and strategies to help reduce, overcome and manage their physical and mental conditions. Within the community, she works with groups of teenagers and women running workshops to increase their body confidence and self-worth. Many of her clients are linked with public service and complex GP referral cases including chronic eating disorders, stage 4 cardiac rehab, cancer rehab, stroke palliative care, post-natal depression and anxiety. Her 5* bestselling book ‘The Hound of Happiness – 52 Tips to Feel Good’ and other fundraising efforts, have raised £82,000 for many charities, local to Bristol and around the World. 

Macmillan Cancer Care commented, “Kim has created some real life changing tools to help clients overcome some serious trauma. She has made a huge impact in the community and helped many different families to learn how to cope.”

Kim you truly are an amazing woman. You should be so proud of what you’ve achieved. The amount of people’s lives you’ve helped personally and professionally is amazing and a real credit to you. Natalie Lowe

Many congratulations on this incredible achievement Kim!!


I can’t quite believe it!! I feel incredibly grateful and honored to be chosen for the International NLP Community and Public Service Award, surrounded by some truly inspiring, wise and knowledgeable people.  This Award is for everyone who I work with, YOU are my community, my tribe and together we have achieved so many incredible things, raised £82k for charity, formed friendships and made a difference. I am incredibly privileged to work with so many wonderful people all over the World. And moving forwards I’m excited to support and help you achieve whatever you hope and dream for.


It’s been a rollercoaster few weeks, from Rhodes Marathon & the Human Race Tour of Yorkshire Sportive Double charity challenge for Encephalitis Society, an emergency trip to hospital and now this, it’s truly overwhelming & I am incredibly grateful.


I can’t thank the ANLP team for a truly special evening, inspiring, wise people & wonderful music. And I must thank the many people since 2006 who have trained me in NLP. The tools and knowledge I have learned and continue to learn, have been fundamental in helping so many people realise their amazing potential, embrace fear and have courage to ignite their inner spark.


Personally, it’s been key to finding my own courage, my TEDx talk, 10 adventure marathons and given me numerous tools to help heal and cope with my neurology conditions which can be isolating & fearful. To every person who has influenced my life & has the courage to work with me, thank you. This is OUR community Award, let’s go make an even bigger, positive difference.


So…. Thank you from the center of my heart.

If I can help you in any way at all, please do connect, nothing is too silly, small or big to ask for help or share.

Big big support to you all, you’re the best, Kim #unlockyourpotential 


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