My Simple Tips to Help your Mental Health

It’s okay if you don’t have all the answers always. It’s okay to press pause. You can nourish to flourish in that space. So important, self care for your mind & body, yet often we don’t find the time… here’s a few simple tips to help you. Do one today and tag a friend to grow your inner happiness together.

  1. Breathe deeply: in for 6 seconds, what you want to feel… hold for 6, breathe out for 6 what you want to let go of – repeat three times am and pm.
  2. Go for a lunchtime walk, lengthen your posture, leave your phone and become aware of all the tiny good things in your day and let go of the worries, or reduce them, do it daily for 20mins, daylight boost and movement.
  3. Eat yummy, immune & mood boost foods with a rainbow of colours, hydrate with warm water, lime, ginger and turmeric to feel good.
  4. Do something for you…a sweaty workout, a calm yoga session, cooking a delicious recipe, listening to music, reading a book, get present.
  5. Ask for help, give a random act of kindness, let go of comparisons and know if today isn’t quite flowing, you can get through this.
  6. Journal your thoughts, doodle , vision , create , do and be … sounds easy, just choose tiny consistent shifts.

If you have any questions please pop me an email.

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