Make Yourself Proud

‘Make yourself Proud’ every damn day (or at least be helpful to yourself please). Here’s 4 quick tips to help you embrace the struggle, enhance your resilience & fulfil your awesome potential … be that running a spring marathon, growing your business or igniting your spark & being happy with YOU… let me know what you think.

1. Give encouragement to others & reach out for support too, tag a buddy that rocks your world and let’s share awesome people.

2. Stop comparison, with others… and yourself, from where you think you should be. It sabotages your potential, peace and purpose. Yes observe damn fine people, but helpfully, what can you adapt to achieve, learn or feel like what you observe (knowing that’s just your perception).

3. Take a pause, that’s okay you know pressing pause reignites your passion and purpose, allows your mind and body to adapt and recover, and reboots energy.

4. Once you’ve done 3, take a risk, make a decision, embrace something which makes you good fearful and excited for this is where the magic happens.

Let me know how you go & massive good luck If you are racing this month, especially all my marathon clients doing London , Prague, Big Sur, Brighton, Edinburgh (I’m coaching people for all these!).  Be awesome, pace, relax and enjoy.

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