Simple Tips to Feel Good this Spring

Here is a collection of simple tips to action, choose three and let me know how you get on!

1. Eat Better – a rainbow of variety and goodness to help you feel energised, strong and happy.

2. Run more – or simply just move your wonderful body anyway you like!

3. Squat more – strengthen your body, wake up your muscles, feel powerful for you.

4. Sleep well – good deep quality sleep, no digital devices, early morning routines of goodness.

5. Good breakfast & hydration – kick start your day with a super powered energy boost and hydrate.

6. Read books – creative, expressive, different books, listen to podcast and nourish your mind.

7. Adventure – near, far, challenge, exciting, calming, plan and book that experience.

8. Talk less & listen more – give people your time, yet also give yourself time, listen to your inner voice and thoughts, be brave.

9. Feel, connect and love deeply – nurture relationships, with yourself and those who you value around you, and expand your relationships for growth.

10. Open your eyes, experience life and allow yourself to have all emotions and to find happy, every damn day.

Love to know which 3 you will choose this Spring, some of these are my daily routines so I’m choosing 6,7 & 9, how about you?

Can’t wait to support you and share together. If you have any questions, adventures, hopes and dreams to action, do just pop me a message.

Ps check out Lori Harder Podcast, packed full of little golden nuggets of wisdom.