The Story Behind a Photo & a Mini Trophy

We often look at an image and do a comparison or quick judgement. We’re humans, it’s what we do. I try and go with observation, so if I’m totally motivated, excited or wishing I was ‘that’ person or in that place, I pause and ask myself, what is it about the person or where they are etc that I really want to add into my life (or let go of in my life?). Usually there’s a multitude of answers which give us things we can action if we’re feeling brave. And sometimes we need support to help us. If I can help YOU overcome comparison or imposter syndrome, paralysis of fear, doubt or even success, let me know, I would love to help YOU.

This photo means a lot to me. After a flare up of Encephalitis & some high drugs, a day of overwhelm and exhaustion from it all, I chose to run my 10km with Aspire Running Events, not because I had to or felt I should, but because I must for me. To overcome the fear, doubt & to take a photo when I would prefer to hide. It gave me hope & happiness. Everyone’s happiness is different, everyone’s fears are real to them, finding what you can do in the moments, even if you have to do it with fear is key. And the balance is then resting, cooking healing nurturing foods, writing, stretching, walking and hugging @thehoundofhappiness.

Can’t thank Aspire Events enough for being such a friendly, all encompassing family happy team of people, they really look after you, give me hope and courage, do check them out . This was a cheeky off road 10km to say the least!! And a sprint for 2-4th place with the ladies by .5secs.

So if I can help YOU, just pop me a message, don’t hide and get stuck, everything is important and nothing is silly.

Or for a quick, easy option join my 21 Day Fit Mind Body Online Challenge starting 6th April, just click here.

Big super powers for your last week of March, Your Mindset Mentor Kim #unlockyourpotential.

Photo (c) @jon bessant photography always captures great images. Running in MizunoShock Absorber UK & refuel Optimum Nutrition #goldstandardzone (ps. have you tried their Whipped Protein bites, amazing recovery bars.


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