My Podcast Interview with Camilla Sacre-Dallerup on to help Unlock Your Potential

I really enjoyed speaking to Coach, Hypnotherapist and best selling author Camilla Sacre-Dallerup on the Me, My relationships and I podcast.

We talk about the mind body connection, mental health and why mind tools and routine are vital when going through challenging times in our lives. When we go through challenging times having routines can make such a difference. We forget that it’s all the tiny changes that we make on a daily basis that will lead to the bigger changes taking place. It’s so important to have helpful self thoughts that help and nurture you.

In Camilla’s words:

Thank you for sharing so honestly about your tough health journey. And how mind tools, and everything you know about the mind and body connection, played such a huge part in your life. It was great to hear how you use what you have learnt to help, support and inspire others! You are one epic human being!!! As if signing up to do an ironman wasn’t enough to test your mindset, you got handed a far more serious challenge!!! So grateful that you chose to be so honest about mental health and personal challenges and shared with us how you got through it, so others can benefit from the tools too.”

We both smiled as we wore our Pickle Happy Jumpers for the interview without realising.

Really hope you enjoy, and love to hear any questions or feedback, Kim

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