Kindness Session & Tips to share for Young Minds Charity

A big thank you to everyone who joined us on 10th October for our free ‘Be Kind to Yourself’ Session for Mental Health Awareness Day, we were lucky to be joined by a special group of people from all over the World,

Here’s a few things I shared with the group which may be helpful. Just choose ONE question and work with this, then next week choose another question. There are enough until the end of the year ūüėČ NO pressure at all. Make it work for you.

From the first part, journaling these thoughts…. 

* What does being kind/helpful to myself mean, look and feel like?  How can I nourish these daily? 

* What habits/thoughts do I have which may sabotage?  How do they keep me safe / get switched on – do I feel ready to move away from them and commit to change?  

Kindness of Mind, Body & Soul 

* Checking in – how is your beautiful mind? 

Thoughts, feelings, emotions? 

What’s lighting up your brain, and what could you change? 

* Checking in – how is your wonderful body? 

Health, fitness, movement, nourishing foods, sleep, posture, breath? 

What’s feeling good, and what would you like to focus on? 

* Checking in – your magical soul? 

Your passion, purpose, the things, people, places that fill you with joy, hope, courage? 

The things you do distract, stop or prevent the above? 

What’s the first step you could choose today? 

Journal freely, creatively, expressively – see where it takes you, 

Then let it settle for a while – and return to choose three areas to have as your intention and commitment to yourself from now until tomorrow, or the end of October, Christmas, New Year, it doesn’t matter – whatever feels the best time frame for you to commit too right now, 

Daily journaling of your joys, happiness and/or resilience / determination to overcome a tough day, 

Second Part РYour Yoga Nidra with Reiki & Hypnotic Flow  Рif you would like a copy of it, just pop me an email.

A few people were asking what Yoga Nidra actually is,¬†here’s a little article.

The Oracle card deck I used was Denise Linn, Sacred Destiny and the cards were Opportunities, Stillness, Letting go into Adventures, I know they resonate with some. If you would like your cards read pop me an email.

The Books I read from were:

* The poetry pharmacy – William Sieghart

* Inward – Yung Pueblo

* Wildly into the dark – Tyler Knott gregson (poem attached by request) 

* Yoga Therapy through fear – Beth Spindler

* The cross roads of should and must – Elle Luna

Gentle reminder for self care

Remember to take time to hydrate, rest and allow your body to integrate things.  Keep writing, flowing, nourishing and listening to yourself.    Meet yourself where you are, and if you need any support, please know you can still reach out 100%.  It was a powerful energy, embrace this and you can watch again. 

Thank you for reading, here’s one question to leave ¬†– what is your one, brave¬†choice to change to be more kind or helpful to your mind, body and soul?¬†

Open the door, find your thread, feel your heart and trust the commitment of new beginnings, connections and growth from this moment onwards.

If you have any feedback, shares, request, little loves or anything I would value it all.

And as Joy reminded us all, keep a little mishief in your life and spark in your soul, for you matter.

We’ve raised ¬£420/$550 for¬†Young Minds¬†which will make a big difference.

With the big support, keep well & keep conected, Kim

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