My Podcast Interview with Fiona Bugler from I-Wellbeing

I really enjoyed speaking to Editorial director and wellbeing podcast host, Fiona Bugler on the i-wellbeing podcast.

We talked about…

the common challenges faced by leaders in business to prioritise their own and their teams’ self-care, fitness and wellbeing – as well as discussing how to overcome any obstacles. I share how I’ve adapted to lockdown and continued to give back to my community, locally and globally.

Listen to the podcast here. Really hope you enjoy, and I’d love to hear any questions or feedback.

Who is Fiona Bugler?

She is the Editorial director at i-wellbeing, publishers of bespoke wellbeing content for proactive businesses. They help business shape their wellbeing narrative, via their bespoke print publication, the zone, an online interactive platform, and wellbeing podcast. They also work one-to-one with marketing and HR teams to help them craft their wellbeing messaging via their specialist content consultancy.

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Photo credit: i-wellbeing