Nordic Fitness Education Podcast – Expert Tips for Training Female Clients

Nordic fitness education summary:

Training female clients towards their health and fitness objectives is not the same as training males. There are some fundamental and important differences to consider. I share my perspective on the topic of female-focused training considerations, how to relate to each client better, and ways to optimise client results.

Episode content: Training female clients

In this podcast episode I speak to Nordic Fitness Education about a host of important issues around fitness business and some important elements for training female clients, including:

  • the reason behind the mind-body coaching concept
  • the importance of education and skill acquisition
  • important considerations in training females compared to males
  • how the menstrual cycle should alter the training focus across each month
  • common barriers to overcome in females focused training

Nordic Fitness Education (NFE) is a leading online education resource for current and aspiring fitness professionals, personal trainers and nutritional advisers.

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Photo credit: Nordic Fitness Education