Perfect Imbalance Podcast Interview

I was recently honored to be asked to be a guest on Jeff Weigh’s podcast at Ignite Performance, here’s the low down and you can listen to the podcast here., along with some other great podcasts interviews. 

We talked about how I am always looking for ways to challenge myself as well as others, this is a clear value of mine and it keeps me sharp.  I love to learn, the fitness, health and wellness industry is changing all the times and rapidly expanding, which is exciting and fascinating. Continual learning helps me improve as a coach and give more to help my clients.

My decision to found Energised Performance, and bring in mind and body coaching together firstly goes back to when I was younger when I suffered from body dysmorophia, confusion over nutrition and a extreme lack of self-confidence. This is when I realised I wanted to help people build confidence in themselves and their abilities, and never feel the way I did. I help people to learn to respect themselves and what they do, and to learn to realise they are good enough as they are and anything is possible with little steps.  Over time my Mind Ninja skills have been adapted into elite level sport, celebrities, mental health campaigns and numerous people all over the World.  The skills all mesh together and create a magical tool box of things which I can adapt to whoever I’m working with, anywhere in the World. The power of Skype is amazing for connecting people. 

Jeff and I discussed how confidence starts with courage, it’s courage that gives you confidence.  Even now I don’t always feel confident, and that’s okay, it’s just not letting that control you.  So, even if you don’t have the confidence or energy, it’s about having the courage to try. Once you start to have a go, this will lead to confidence. Even if you don’t know where you’re going, you still have the hope that there’s always something you can do, something will always be possible.  Having humour is important too because things don’t always go to plan, sometimes we become overwhelmed by life’s events, therefore finding joy and happiness in the day and always looking for positive things is key.

Jeff asked me what I’d tell my younger self, it’s a common question which I actually flipped, to what would your younger self, say to your current self! We often limit ourselves with rules as we get older…. so here’s my advice to you,  ‘Go for it, it doesn’t matter if you fail,  you will learn through the commitment to try. Enjoy each moment and celebrate joyful times, you will ride through it.  And always be brave to ask for support! Remember you are the only person who knows you, you know what makes you happy and what doesn’t. Try not to get caught up in social media, making comparisons etc, and take time to switch off.  Remember what really sparks you, what lights you up and makes you feel good, focus on this.’ 

 We touched upon the motivations behind my book, with it’s mission to help everyone grow their inner happiness, with a percentage of the profits going to charity. We talk about how I plan my time and emphasized the importance of establishing priorities, you can’t focus on everything at the same time, you’ll burn out if you do it all at 100%. So it’s wiser to choose the 3 that you wish to focus on for 3 months and keep everything else going at maintenance level.  Learn to time chunk, do each task for 1, 2, 3 hours max, the movement in between and getting variety helps you to be more productive. We’re not designed to do everything at once, we’re better off honing down on a select few things. List out all the areas in your life, score them out of 10 based on what ‘s most important this month.  You have to be flexible and the more you apply this method the better you’ll get at it.  It’s about having that awareness and determining your non-negotiables. If you are stuck with this, pop me an email kim@energisedperformance.comand I can help. 

We talk about work life balance and I stressed that the way we live our lives now and way we do business has changed, I don’t call it work life balance, I call it ‘life balance’ because work is in your life so there won’t always be a balance. Sometimes we get stressed out constantly striving to keep everything in balance yet sometimes this is not possible.  When this happens, the trick is to then block whatever it was that you were focusing on and find the time to re-balance afterwards. 


What’s important is our ability to adapt and be flexible and to really focus on a project that matters, then re-balance afterwards.  Striving to keep everything perfectly balanced uses up our energy, and we need to develop an awareness of what other areas it will have an impact on and what we’ll do to readdress that balance.  The reality is, no matter what you do, you’ll always find it hard to fit everything in, so focus on what’s important now, then re-address the balance and up your self-care in between focusing on your priorities. Make sure you always have support too.

My final take away to act on from reading this is:

Do one thing now that will take you closer to your goals, believe in yourself, know what makes you happy, go and do that simple thing now!

Really love to know how you get on,

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Big support, Kim #unlockyourpotential 


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