Top 50 2X 50 Women of the Year with The Hustle & Sales Force

I feel incredibly honoured to be amongst these women, they are incredible….. just have a read of their bio’s here. I also have no idea how I’ve ended up in the Top 50 or who put me forwards, so thank you so much!

2x Woman of the Year is an initiative presented by Salesforce and The Hustle as way to identify, celebrate, and promote successful and powerful women. It’s an evening of storytelling which started as an event series where 8 powerhouse women told authentic stories about their professional journeys.

So, they developed an initiative to identify, celebrate, and learn from women who are empowering themselves and others through the work they’re doing and the choices they made to get there.

The winner gets the chance to speak at 2X on September 13 in San Francisco and at Dreamforce in late September, and to be featured in The Hustle’s daily mail, which reaches 800k people.

I feel honoured and proud to be able to share the news that I am part of this program.

If you’d like to know more about this feel free to contact me here.

And the results from Salesforce and The Hustle

Over 350 women were nominated and even though I was not selected to move forward as a top-5 finalist for 2 X Woman of The Year I am honoured to confirm that I was selected to be a top 50 finalist. I’m extremely grateful that I received the opportunity to share my story and that the work I do is recognised for making a difference.




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