Posture & Food Prep…. 2 mini thoughts

I posted a couple on Facebook earlier this week (see below) and they caused a lot of discussion, so I thought I would share two mini thoughts to contemplate today.

One was about Posture…. as the weather had become colder I have seen lots of people ‘hunching’ up, and having tension headaches, poor sleep and moods.  The spine is such an amazing ‘thing’, with so many neurological and physiological responses, as well as muscular and many more.. I’m not an osteopat (I’m a sports therapist and have done lots of training especially with Noah Karrash) but I do know from all I read & learn that good, strong posture is one of the keys to feeling fit and well.  So take a moment to lengthen your spine, breathe deeply, lift your rib cage up and relax your shoulders.  This will help your energy and mood, and could even help your immunity, digestion and sleep… combined with many other factors of course.

The other thing I posted which got a lot of interest was the food preparation boxes of my daily meals… so many people said was that for a couple of days, no, only one.  And how do you have the time to do this?  My thoughts on reflection, for you are…. if you eat really good food (which trust me, many years ago when I was riding horses I didn’t!!) you can and have to eat a lot of it to get all the nutrients and energy in to do what you want to do. Also, when you eat great food, your body knows what to do with it, so will use it efficiently, meaning you can eat lots of it 🙂  Secondly, I definitely don’t always make the time…. but I aim to, because I notice the difference in my mood, energy and efficiency when I have. I just put extra food in the oven when cooking the evening meal, to prepare for 1-3 days ahead, this means I feel good and I am prepared. It takes less time than you think and the results are definitely worth it.

Of course, you have to have the motivation to want to commit to it, and be ready… which can take time and is a journey.  I used to eat Haribos and Muller light chocolate yoghurt, with a white bacon sandwich when I was around 22yrs old, today if I ate that I would feel horrible so would not choose too.  Yet the process from that to bags of kale, chicken, fish, sweet potato, little sugar and no wheat has been gradual.  So make the small steps, and see what happens, you may be surprised, both posture and energy wise 🙂 Let me know how you go….

I’m going to blog next about the difference between the nutrition for my Ironman compared with my Galaxy Training Competition, if you are interested in reading this just post below or tweet me….

And remember, if you think it is Impossible to change your posture & food prep…. it’s not, it’s just an opinion. Granted, it may take some planning and time, but it is possible, you just have to work out your big WHY … why do you want to, and what will you gain by doing so. Once you are clear on this, anything is possible…. trust me 🙂 Let me know how you go!

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