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I had the huge pleasure of doing a Fit Photo Shoot with the talented Sacre Images a couple of weeks ago.  Our aim was to bring the blend of fashion and fitness to life, combining a strong & confident, yet feminine image, which is currently very much on trend, check out Womens Health UK & USA, BodyFit, Top Sante etc.

I have worked with many photographers, and would highly recommend Kevin, he totally ‘get’s you and ‘gets’ the most amazing shots, quickly.  This combined with direction from Camilla Sacre Dallerup & hair and make up from Jess Cathoy, created a wonderful team, full of passion, energy and skills.

I love the images we have captured and look forward to using them in our various projects coming up 🙂 Here are just of the variety we did … The Biggest Thank you To Kevin & the Team.

I hope the photos inspire you to join my Fit Inside Out Body Confidence Programme, where my aim is to empower women to learn to love themselves, and become fit and confident, mind and body, starting in the Spring 2014.  To find out just drop me a personal email

To find out more check out their sites, and say I recommended them 🙂 They will look after you super well…

Sacre Images: Check out his creative, beautiful portfolio

Powder Puffs & Pin Curls: Book Jess for great images

Camilla Sacre Dallerup: For Motivation, Dance & Inspiration check out:

BIG Thank you to Sweaty Betty, Nike Women, Shock Absorber & Mizuno for my awesome kit 🙂 Check out their sites for great deals and kit to train smart and hard.

For bookings & use of images please contact 07720845849 or tweet @kimingleby

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