What is your Perception of Perfect?


I went to my sister’s graduation and listened to Caryn Franklin empowering speech.  She is one of the founders of the All Walks Cat Walk, empowering ‘every’ body to be their best.

Earlier this week on Twitter she posted this YouTube Clip & raised the question, ‘What is Perfect’?  This clip is challenging your perception on what you may think ‘perfect’ is. I think the people featured are so positive and inspiring… take a moment and have a look,

Then, ask yourself… what is your perception of perfect?

I have discussed this with three people recently.

One is a Mental Strength Client who said, I used to think you could have a perfect race. But now I believe that I will always keep learning, and if always aim to do my best I learn and enjoy the race.  And if I do have the perfect I will still learn, and grow to have an even better ‘perfect’ race…which should lead to standing on that podium.  He is over 60 years old.

Then another client emailed me to say, I would have loved to come to your Christmas Energised Meal, I will when I am fit enough…. perception on ‘perfect’ perhaps.  The irony is that she would have perfectly fitted into the group which was a mix of triathletes, beginners into sport, partners, media and friends… all celebrating our successes from the year.  She will be at our Spring 10th Birthday Party!

I think we often limit ourselves by what we think is required to do something and by our perception of others.

My third conversation was during our Make 2014 Brilliant workshop around inspiration and celebrating your success.  Who inspires you?  I am humbled by any client who feels inspired by what I do.  I just really want to help and empower people to realise that magic sparkle and potential they have inside themselves, but just don’t realise it just yet.  I want to help give them the tools to know whoever they are, whatever their background or situation they can become fit, strong, happy and healthy, inside and out.

When I said that the achievements of my clients, the openness and commitment inspired me equally they were surprised.

But it’s all about perspective, Perfect is just this, your perspective. This is mine on Perfect.

1. Talk and learn about a person, don’t make assumptions on their ‘cover’ 

2. Comparison… let it go, it only limits your potential & focus 

3. Excellence… surround yourself with people that inspire & motivate you to be your best 

4. Learn to be your own best friend & believe in you… this is always going to be a journey, and learn to love the ride 

5. Let go of worry, be in the moment… and know that sometimes its okay to not be okay, and this will pass 

6. Sparkle… from the inside, trust yourself and see the best in others 

‘Be Beautiful …. Sparkle with your eyes, speak with kindness, love from your heart, give with compassion’ Ingleby 

I could write more but that’s enough to get you think during the Festive Week… Be your Beautiful Self this Christmas. 

Love to know your thoughts on Perfect… tweet @kimingleby 

Happy Wonderful Festive Week xx

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