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A mini blog and thought about why I have started to use & sell Arbonne products… let me know what you think & any questions please do let me know.

Welcome to a range of skin care products that are totally natural & full of great ingrediants. They will help you to feel & look confident, radiant and energised, inside and out.  After great research I have discovered Arbonne has great business ethics & values, combined with acharity which enhance’s young people’s self confidence to allow them to achieve their full potential. Something close to my heart.

To sell something it is exceptionally important that the products work for me, and their values links with Energised.  Having tested the Calm range, deodrants, FC5 & Sea Source I can 100% say that I even though I have exceptionally senesitive skin, the whole range worked for me, and many people commented my skin looked great 🙂 I was, like everyone, hesitant to test a new product, but when I read all the ingrediants & learned there were no parabens, I thought it was a sensible choice & if good, could begreat for my skin and my friends, clients and family.  Many of my clients and friends have babies, and safety on their skin is paramount, they love the Baby range and sun care range.

It’s got to work for you, but have a read & I would suggest you give something a try. If you are not sure what, just drop me an email, give me a call or send a tweet and I can advice, send a sample potetentially and help you out.

Arbonne products are free from parabens and nasty ingrediants, helping your body to feel & look it’s best. Parabens can mimic hormones in the body which can alter & cause chaos to the endorcrine system, causing it to work less effectively. Link have been associated with weight gain, some cancers & any hormonal problems.  Whilst this is only one tiny area, if you can use a botanically pure product like Arbonne, which could  help you to look young and energised as endorsed by many celebrities and glossy magazines, whilst avoiding any nasty’s, I think that’s a good idea. This links well with my lean, healthy, strong and fit Inside Out Training Formulawith Energised Performance.

 If you have any questions please do give me a call on 07720 845849, tweet @kimingleby or email If you would like to join me as a Consultant and help all your friends and family to have great skin, and grow a happy business let me know too, it’s more fun than I ever imagined it would be & I have met some great people 😉

To find out more and buy click here:

I really look forward to hearing how you get on with the products, as I was surprised by the difference they made to my skin, my Energised clients, family and friends.

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