Do you really want abs…. what are you defining in your life?

I really want abs/flat stomach, but do you really….?

Over nearly 20 years of coaching people I’m often asked this. Here’s some different things to consider…

  • What do YOU really want …? In my experience, often it’s working on our own self worth and internal self talk, understanding what makes us beautiful, confident and happy inside out…. this makes a much bigger difference than getting abs which rarely achieves these feelings on its own.
  • What makes you really happy….? Often we look at things and compare, I ‘should’ look like ‘x’. Nooo YOU are damn great as you are, every shape, size, height, colour, what makes you, beautifully You is YOU. Acceptance of yourself – doesn’t happen overnight, you have to work on changing habits, language and belief but it’s possible, this will help you feel freer and light inside out.
  • Simple daily things make a difference – so forget restriction, think about positive changes. Breathing deeply, standing tall, moving your body every day, switching digital off for an hour a day, having good sleep, eating the rainbow, proteins, being your own intuitive detective on what helps you feel energised, having joy and friendships, learning new things, challenging your mind and body, training hard, recovering smarter, adventuring, passion, love… all of this is all of you, and so much more than just your stomach.
  • If you do have life space to kick ass your fitness, commit with flexibility, positive self talk, a curious journey of what’s possible, making nutrition a lifestyle choice which fits with your values around food, sitting down and having conversations, short consistent training with a purpose linked with your why, and an ebb and flow with life priorities, this.. not abs will bring joy into your life.
  • Core strength for me is ……. the stronger I am the better I run, it helps stabilise my joints reducing the risk of injury especially with ganglian cysts in knees, strengthens my posture, stabilises my hyper mobility, helps me have good breathing, improves digestion, and I’m intrigued to see what’s possible.

Hope this helps, I’m here to help you define what matters most.

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