Reflections from Russia work with Team GB

I’m not sure what to write. So I’ll start with what’s your plans for August, I would love to know?

I made it to Russia to work for Team GB at the European Sprint Triathlon Championships. After losing my Jake unexpectedly after a routine op, 2 weeks of nursing, 3 nights zero sleep I didn’t make the flight. But I couldn’t change the situation and had to make a commitment. So after hours of searching I booked and paid for my route… Bristol to Prague to Moscow to Kazan.. through the night, I actually made it.

On landing Friday lunchtime until Monday afternoon I massaged whilst mindset focusing, nearly 70 athletes. So many stories, hopes, dreams, fears, excitement, doubts shared and reassured. Race day came, many medals and best performances were achieved. I felt glad to have fulfilled my commitment, grateful for all the patience and met really inspiring people, from 15yrs to 74yrs old – so honestly anything is possible I promise, even if you don’t know how.

The temp when I arrived was around 30 degrees, torrential rain, badass thunder storms, down to 11 degrees. The organisation was on point, Kazan is a unique place to have visited.

There were few minutes spare, I did manage to visit the Kremlin and jog 20km whilst the athletes were racing, felt good to move my body and see a bit of the city.

Making Russia work has been a big test, even getting the visa and my neurology causing finger prints not to work and trains cancelled with cows on track!

It’s the first time I’ve worked with the Team since Weils disease ‘13, for multiple reasons. And I don’t think I’ve ever given so many treatments.

This ramble is to remind YOU reading this, that within our darkest hours we have a choice. To make tough decisions and keep believing. Self care takes many forms, it’s being kind to yourself, it’s giving yourself space, yet it’s also about showing up, giving your best and shifting things.

I return to collect my Jakes ashes instead of him as planned. I will keep his optimism, smile and hope alive.

So look forward to supporting you make your goals happen and if I can help you do ask, anything goes.

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