Simple Tips to Cope with Loss and Unexpected Changes in Life

  • Be patient with yourself – there isn’t a right way or timeline and every time is different
  • If you’re stuck in emotion try to move your body, walk gently, use music
  • If you find it hard to stop with the emotion, slow down, focus on your breathing and don’t be scared of it feeling it
  • If you’re overeating, bring your awareness into your food, knowing it can’t block the pain forever
  • If you’re undereating, bring your awareness into nourishing you, knowing empty doesn’t heal the pain
  • Breathe deeply, 4 secs in – 4 hold -4 secs out , 4 times a day and stretch your body
  • Find something you love to think, feel and do every day, however small
  • Write your pain and loss out, helping you make sense of what happened and finding a flow
  • Gently in time, nurture the positive memories and let go of trauma, taking forward to the magic your shared
  • Asking for help can help, talking to people will help, yet try to put little daily habits in place which help you cope with yourself
  • Remember, every moment passes, sharing your joy is as important as your struggle. Have hope, even in our darkest moments, there is light, be brave

There isn’t an easy of quick solution to pain, no ones pain is more or less, people cope differently – sometimes you cope differently to how you know.

I’ve coached people coming through loss, injuries, disappointment, and ‘tiny’ things which ‘shouldn’t’ make you feel unhappy but it does.

Try these simple tips, tag someone, remember to #checkin on yourself and take care, as you matter as much as those around you.

This is me, top of Pen Y Fan yesterday. I said I would climb it with my Jake and run back down, which I did, his neckerchief in my hair.

It’s been tough, to be expected, I have to trust myself, it was the kindest, best decision for my boy. Like us all, when we open our heart to love we experience loss – I miss him, he was my soul houndy, my Humanog, a daily dose of optimism and magic, which I will keep alive.

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