Remember, Remembrance Day & Wear your Poppy with Pride

One important Day, Remembrance Sunday.

My family, cousins and a couple of very good friends have been involved in many ways, and I have the greatest respect for each person.  The difference & sacrifices through many lifetimes that have been made is huge.

In particular my very good & humble friend Simon Wright Hider who won the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross: view this clip, it makes me really realise what they do, Simon you deserved this, I know it’s year on, but you are so humble you should be highlighted 🙂 Yes, you can kick me!!

We are running a Poppy Big Beasting on Saturday with some of our Team and the rest will Run 2 Remember to raise funds, you can join us here:  We will also be running a 10km on Sunday with Poppy’s on our Plaits in memory of everyone who has, and still does make a difference. So whatever you do on Sunday, take a moment’s reflection in a way that works for you.

I have been wearing my Poppy Legion Ring (it is beautifully designed), Brooch, Bands and writing on their paper too…. it is such a worthwhile cause to support, Remembrance Sunday, please do. To buy your Poppy ‘Things’ and support click here:

Watch the moving 5 Part BBC1 documentary with Gethin Jones for Remembrance Week and read his Blog. Combined with all the Remembrance Service on Sunday. Empowering:

Do tweet @PoppyLegion and show your support & Poppy’s in action, I will be @kimingleby over the weekend.

Our next Charity Event is our Children In Need Big Beasting & ‘Bare’ Day…. so far our total since I started Energised is £33,000…. what can we do by out 10th Birthday on 4th May 2014…?! x

Read my 6 Rules to Success for Christmas blog here:

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