What I Learned from my Sister’s Graduation, Caryn Franklin & TEDx…


Firstly I am super proud of my sister, she is one really talented, inspiring, unique Fashion Designer.  You could say I am bias and maybe I am, but I don’t really mind as her work speaks for herself.  She has worked damn hard, gained a 1st from Kingston University and is now working for Urban Outfitters.

Check out her final year collection & website here: and mention on Style Bubble She, I really believe is one to watch, and whilst she will probably kill me for writing how proud I am, that’s what big, old, wise sister’s are for, right.

And there is a point to this blog, a point from the speech given by Caryn Franklin (, former Kingston Graduate, MBE, Campaigner for Diversity, Targets Breast Cancer & All Walks Cat Walk to name a few things… she gave a few points which I think we can all learn from, whatever our age. Here is my summary from her words..

1. You have great Power in what you do – whatever you do, positively enhance you power to make a difference to the people around you

2. Be Flexible & Open to Opportunity… keep your eyes open, have goals but be flexible to change to allow opportunity to grow in ways you never new possible.

3. Do something you don’t normally do – this is so empowering, trust me, it may fill you with fear and apprehension, but that’s good, it stretches boundaries, you meet different people and opportunities will arise.. plus you will have a lot of fun potentially, or not and learn a lot!

4. Believe in your creativity (we all are in some way) and your instinct – have courage, the courage to go forwards and be your very best

5. Give something back, always – be that to charity, someone starting out, a colleague, friend – the balance will always reward you

6. Finally – believe in you, your uniqueness, your passion and your ideas, whatever your age, whatever your goals, always keep this, through the tough and good times

I love these wise words for the Kingston Graduates, but as a slightly older graduate I found them inspiring and thought provoking too. Life can take over, make sure you stop and reflect back to passions and goals, are you following them? Are you being you?

I went to TEDxBristol ( yesterday & the day was focused around FAILURE, slightly negative you may think… but actually no, there were a range of empowering speakers sharing their experience of failure and how, if you choose, it is the biggest learning opportunity for growth and success.  That failure is only defined by our perception of failure and success. So as Sarah Abell (Twitter @nakedhedgehogs) said, like a hedgehog, gradually take your ‘spikes’ off (I know hedgehogs can’t but you know what i mean), be authentic, be human and live your life to your very best.  As Simon Edwards (Serve On) said, live with courage & love to find out what is possible in your life.

True messages from all, and messages which I hope reasonate and inspire you to get up, and get going. To learn, grow and always keep positively moving forwards.

This whole blog embodies what I believe too… I specialise in empowering people to become fit, confident and strong in mind and body. I hope this encourages you to begin to feel and be just that, in whatever way that is for you.

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