The Power of Journaling

Journaling helps distil your fears and limits into awareness and choice, your dreams and hopes into actions and plans, your joy into celebrations, memories and growth.…’

I encourage all my clients from Celebrities to Team GB and everyone including myself, to journal a few times a month at least.

It’s like a key to the golden nuggets of opportunity hidden in your mind, heart and soul.

I order all our bespoke journals from Gabi at Chroma Stationery she is brilliant. So I am really, really happy she chose to include signed copies of my little book, 52 Tips to Feel Good with Jake, the hound of happiness . Every copy has a donation to charity, and every page has 4 simple lines to boost your happiness and wellness.

You can buy a copy from Kondi Gifts in Bristol or direct from me. My Autumn Action Online 21 Day course will include a journal and copy of my book for everyone who signs up in August (booking has now opened) and starts September to help you #makeithappen).

From Gabi:

The third of our subscription boxes went out last week! Filled, as always, with positive and lovely stationery.

This months box also included a very special addition from Kim Ingleby: Mind Body Confidence – her Hound of Happiness book which includes 52 ways to feel good. At Chroma we’re not just about filling lives with gorgeous stationery but also making people feel really great. Make sure to check out Kim for your daily dose of positivity and support – she’s brilliant. 

Fancy signing up to receive our next box? It already includes some really gorgeous pieces! Check out our page.

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