My Top Tips to Make your Goal Happen in Sport, Life and Business

Here are MY TOP TIPS if you’re minds in a tangle for a race or life goal with 220 Triathlon Magazine. 

Pre-race doubts are totally normal because the race is important to you, so embrace them! Write down your fears on one side of a piece of paper and on the opposite side, a quick solution to help reduce any pre-race doubts. Breathe in a feeling of confidence and out any uncertainties; this will help focus and calm the mind.

When you’re tapering before a race, it’s quite normal to experience a slump in motivation as your mind and body fully adapt, recover and get ready for the race. Filling your time with other things like catching up with friends, cooking, creating post-race recovery plans and researching other life priorities won’t take up too much energy or occupy the mind. Spending some time writing your mental strength plans for your taper, travel, race day and post-race days can add massive value to your focus and performance. Think of it as mind training while your body tapers.

It can be really important and useful to share your race worries with people in your support team, who understand you and can help. This could be your coach, family members or key training partners, or even asking the event organisers any specific concerns. Using forums and club discussion can be useful, but be mindful about spending too much time in there discussing the problem and wasting energy.

Race-day nerves are there because this event matters to you. A simple mantra like ‘I am okay’ can be useful. Try writing down your worries before the race to reduce their impact. You’re more likely to think them through, and, as a result, they become less of a concern. The power of writing, saying and breathing links it all together in your mind and can really make a big difference. Remember, like your physical training, it takes a little while to practise and develop true mental strength, so be patient, commit to it and, most importantly, always believe.

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