Things I’ve Been Doing & a Thought with my Accountant

#Kimpossible Update:

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I’ve been up to lots of good things in between taking plenty of time to rest and recover from Sierra Leone, Fit Factor, African parasites and letting my brain settle! Below’s a quick media update and what I’m up to the next couple of weeks, love you to come and join me & hear what you are up to.


Team GB Sports Therapist: I’m off to Austria to work as part of the Senior Sports Therapy Team at the European Triathlon Champs, as well as fine tuning some mental strength states too! This will be my 9th year with the Squad at Worlds/Euro level and I am proud to be looking after all the athletes, massive Good Luck, be your best. Come and say hello if you are there, find out more here:

Shock Absorber: Join us for Expert Advice on how to Get a #SummerHotBod, Live Online Q & A Thursday 26th June, log onto Facebook & Twitter @No1SportsBraUK for more info – get your questions ready!

Sweaty Betty VIP:  Do come along to my Summer Hot Bod VIP Workshop on 11th July in Bristol (booking essential, call the Bristol store): , check out their summer kit and read my Ambassador Interview with them

Shoot: Really exciting & honoured to be working with ‘the’ fashion fitness designer & guru Charli Cohen, I will be shooting her collection this Summer, so keep a look out for the shots with leading photographer, Simon Howard.  Charli is one extremely talented, inspiring lady making big changes in fashion & fitness. Check her out:

On Line Course: By popular request and in line with an exciting project launching in the Autumn, I will be running an Exclusive OnLine #30DaySummerHotBod Course, starting on 7th July, sign up & more information from 24th June, 4pm. Pop us an email


Recent Round Up: 

Presenting: I felt very privileged to be part of a line of Experts asked to present with the leading Fitness lady, Rachel Holmes at her pioneering Lifestyle Day in Nottingham. Watch this space for exciting future workshops. Fidn out more here or come and meet us both at FitPro Live in July

Blogs: Wow, you rock! Over 400 of you have shared my experience in Sierra Leone & on stage with Fit Factor, thank you!  We have raised well over £2,250 which will be double by the government, so enough for 2 schools which will make the biggest difference to Street Child, thank you so much, thank you! In total that takes my charity fundraising to over £37,000, woo hoo!

Features:  Grab a copy of this month’s Ultrafit & Workout Magazines for Body Image & Confidence Features, Triathlon Plus for a big Mental Strength Feature to have your best Race Possible, and top tips in Men’s Health & Runner’s World.

Photo Shoots: I did a really cool shoot with the uber talented Vince Starr, with make up from Rosie Kor collecting some exciting images for some projects, that’s all we can say for now 🙂 Check out their sites here:

Testing: Green Powder, loving this stuff, clean, pure ingredients, great results & tastes find mixed up in my gluten free porridge in the morning, with almonds and coconut water. You can get it in Holland and Barratt, or let me know if you are in Bristol & I can get it for you. Really enjoying the Green Tea from Organo Gold, introduced by Pete Cohen, check out the range and try yourself, so many health benefits: I swear both of these have helped my brain and digestion.

Also loving my Mizuno #WaveHayate Trail Shoe, kindly sent to test (which was great, as I gave my latest shoes to Street Child in Sierra Leone!). I tested them out around Blaise Castle in Bristol, light, responsive with good grip,and a great design… find out more here .

Definitely worth a test if you like your trail running, incidentally Women’s Running have a 10th on 2nd August at Blaise, you could come along and join me? Find out more here:


So there you have it, I hope you found some interesting links to get involved with.

I leave you with a thought from my accountant no less, a wise man.  I paraphrase our conversation…

‘Through all the changes in life, all the challenges & tests, know thy self. Know that every difficulty gives us an opportunity, if you remain open. Know what makes you happy, know who gives you time when you need it most, and give them your time, choose wisely. Plan for the future, yet live in the moment. Have fun, always. Take time off, regularly and play, laugh, love and dance. Then return to work, and work smartly, wisely and efficiently. Do not concern yourself with others problems, only solutions if appropriate, concern yourself with being healthy & strong in mind and body, in essence, keeping the see saw of life in balance. Act bravely, be honest, be authentic, be respectful and respected, by others and to yourself.  At the end of the day, we may die tomorrow, so live today, instead of waiting for tomorrow.’

Have a wonderful week 🙂 #Kimpossible 07720845849 @kimingleby