Why don’t we like ourselves?

Like really why? Just stop and ask yourself, what’s the point of my self sabotage and being unkind? Note that sh*t down, we will come back to it.

I’m in Mexico for 3 days mastermind with Jill Coleman, we did a group exercise on our social media – how our page is perceived, who we work with and help (what do you want from me?)

It was good tough – for me was show more of your face, your eyes, be less documented, more clear with how you can help. I find this easy in person but harder online… 

Eyes tell a story, they are the window to our heart and truth, they give human connection, vulnerability, compassion. I love seeing people’s eyes, the sparkle and magic, or tired & life journey within so I can truly help someone grow … 

I was aware recently I have been hiding my eyes, behind the trauma from suicide I experienced, fatigue from nightmares, shame from my ex’s affairs and ugliness I see when I have ‘seizures’ from the encephalitis like last night, as I see all this when I see my reflection at times..

Yet the more we hide, the more our fears expand and define, suffocating happiness, hopes and action.

So coming back to what you wrote about self sabotage, ask yourself again, what are you hiding behind the self sabotage and dislike? *Dig deep. 

Underneath the back to front protection is usually something positive, a desire to be ok in yourself, feel enough & to know you ‘can do this’. 

Self sabotage distracts and drains our purpose, it fills out time and as much as we can ‘justify’ it (as I have) you have to call yourself out. 

You have ask, is this true, or is it actually an ‘excuse’ that totally is my reality… but through damn hard decisions & action, could be changed? 

As a coach you think, I should be ‘sorted’, but we have struggles, it’s part of the fabric of ‘being’ human. 

And struggle is always the opportunity. Trust me on this.

Think about you – commit to 1 change. YES! Own this!

My Inner Confidence Course starts Sept, email me to be added to the wait list.

Here’s my jet lag eyes, soulful strength and gratitude for Elizabeth DiAlto Jill Coleman.

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