The Wild A66 & a Mountain Metaphor to Learn from


I’m not really sure how I am going to write this but I had the thought whilst I was running. I often have thoughts whilst I am running, without music, just flowing along.  I ran this morning along the river and up a mountain in Scotland, flow & strength, perfect for me.

Yet a few days ago I was driving from Bridlington in East Yorkshire to Scotland across the A66. The weather was so bad that I could not see the road at all, horizontal snow, gale force winds & sheet lightening. Quite a show the sky had put on… the only thing I could see was the little red dots of the poles at the side of the road, there was not another car insight.

When I was running today, I thought the A66 moment was a metaphor for stopping.

I had to stop, I had to slow down in order to get home to my Mum’s safely.  Following the safe arrival, I spent three days with the secondary encephalitis from the Weils disease causing havoc (basically my brain & thoughts ‘check out’ following a disease from rats early in the year… you don’t need to know more, except this blog might give you a nugget of inspiration I hope).

I learned a few things in these moments, that I think will help you set your New Year’s Resolutions with a different perspective, yet also learn to enjoy the ride….

1. It’s okay to not be okay, and sometimes you have to fully stop.  By stopping you can truly reflect on what is important and why, and re balance your life onto the ‘right’ path for now.

2. That not having a clue what you are doing is part of the process of change, undoubtedly to something better, yet it nearly always involving getting uncomfortable.  Ride with it, have courage, be for a moment & then move forwards (don’t look back with regret or what if, learn and grow).

3. That looking after your mind and body is essential to achieving anything.  Eat foods that energise your thoughts and fuel your body, be mindful of how things make you feel after eating them, learn to cook from fresh & always drink plenty of water. Keep it simple, consistent and see eating well as a treat, not a chore.

4.  Movement every day is what we are designed to do, and you truly will feel better if you do it.  Dance, walk, climb, run, cycle, swim….just move.  Then if you want to get really strong, find someone who is amazingly wise and strong & get them to train you, the same if you want to get really fast, lean, energised… whatever, find a challenge that excites you, find excellence within it and spend time committing to being your best too. Physical challenges (and learning anything new) will empower you, I’m refining my list as you read this.

5. Always keep learning, in all areas of life… this will keep your brain alert, give you moments of inspiration, lead you into interesting conversations and open opportunities you never knew could happen, if you chose to stop learning. Read something different, talk to someone new, cook something new, listen to new music, watch different TV, walk a different route… stimulate the brain neurons & change habits… try it, you could be surprised.

6. Be accountable & flexible…. so commit to your goals, make them authentic & passionately compelling to you, so you have to make them happen.  Get excited, perhaps a little fearful (because it matters) & go for it. They don’t have to be big hairy goals, learning to be confident & happy in the person you are, making your home environment happy & keeping space to just be spontaneous (or sit & relax) can enhance you life just as much.  Find out more about how to make them happen here:

7. Have fun. Laugh. With friends and family, nuture relationships, spend time with people who bring out the best in you, switch off your social media links, phones etc and BE with them.  Talk, go on adventures, write to them, make them feel valued and in turn, you will feel more content.

So, when you are setting your New Year’s Resolutions this year, pause and take a moment.  A year ago, when I wrote a Goal Settting Blog, it was good but this year I am a whole lot wiser.  Nothing I set out to achieve happened, I lost my mind, my thoughts and my whole world has turned upside down. Yet, whilst a crazy year, it has been empowering.

I’m still learning to manage things differently…. yet what I have learned from 2013 is far greater than anything I ever planned and I know that it has made me a wiser, kinder, more compassionate person, and more focused, effective, intelligent Coach & Business Person.

By breaking down and getting ‘lost’ in the A66 of my mind, to building strength in my body & mind in the mountains, I know I will ride this wave.  I ask you to have courage for the year ahead.

Have the courage to write down your dreams & make them your goals. To be, think and feel how you want. To let go of limitations, be in the moments and make positively uncomfortable changes….

I dare you, when you are ready….. tweet me @kimingleby

A final thought…

‘Whatever path we take, there will be highs and lows….the harder we fall, the harder we try… have your ever felt like you are losing your mind, then realised it’s a waste of time, thinking about the things you can’t control… just enjoy the ride.’ Adapted Jessie J Lyrics

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